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Talco,Silent Town,Destiny Records, CD 2015

With another hearty bang and colorful fireworks, the six Italians around singer Dema explode again in an expressive volcano of political emotions that are projected onto the instruments with concentrated force. What the band calls "Punk Chanka" is conjured up, a haunting mix of world punk and combat ska. An irresistible, unique, cracking Talco sound, in which all musicians involved get the same volume, and thus volume. This is what makes the compositions sound so incredibly fat without missing a melodic base. When the strong, male choir singing supports it with roaring support, the musical melange of the explosive is perfect.

The fact that the singer's voice almost always threatens to overturn has something to do with the sophisticated, political and emotional content. As before, this further concept album "Silent Town" revolves around the social and political disaster in Italy, which was determined by Berlusconi. The fictional city of "Silent Town" is also about unbearable nepotism, corruption, mafia-like structures and a charismatic and narcissistic ruler who ultimately ruins the city and its people. The answer is a relentless examination of the circumstances, which musically can only be answered aggressively and loudly, for example in the track "El Sombra".

After the album "Gran Galá" from 2013, this is the sixth album by the tireless Venetians who have made a name for themselves far beyond their borders. The music of the political punk rockers can equally be described with five P's: "Party, partisans, punk rock, poetry and politics!" - That hits it! In a full 12 songs it goes powerfully, which is not for the faint of heart. In March and April 2016 they will be on tour in Germany. Nobody should miss this.DerDUDE


1. Il Tempo | 2. Neverdad | 3. El Sombra | 4. Nel Varieta | 5. Rotolando | 6 Silent Town | 7. Via Da Qui | 8. Intermondo | 9. Dalla Pallida Miro | 10. Nella Strada | 11. Ovunque | 12. Malandia