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Air Printer For Ipad

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  • The iPad is a tablet computer designed and developed by Apple. It is particularly marketed as a platform for audio and visual media such as books, periodicals, movies, music, and games, as well as web content.
  • Apple’s entry into the ‘tablet computer’ market, with touch-controlled interface, and capable of use as an ebook reader, video and music player, digital photo frame, email and web access device, etc
  • The Apple iPad is the first of the modern generation of tablet computers, currently there are two versions, the iPad and the iPad2, these devices share a lot of features with the iPhone and the iPod touch and have access to the main App store for these devices as well as a sub-category of its own.
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air printer for ipad - Le Voyage
Le Voyage Dans La Lune (CD / DVD)
Revered Parisian electronic duo AIR (Nicolas Godin and JB Dunckel) were asked to compose an original score for the restored version of the classic 1902 silent film `Le Voyage Dans La Lune '(A Trip To The Moon) by Georges Méliès. This new artist album is the fully realized outcome of that collaboration. Georges Méliès is one of the central characters in Martin Scorsese's new blockbuster hit `Hugo 'and his life and work (including the iconic` A Trip To The Moon') is attracting a whole new wave of interest as a result. AIR's musical career is entering its 15th year, during which time they have sold over 1 million albums in the US, with many memorable highlights including a seminal debut album "Moon Safari", a film soundtrack for Sofia Coppola, a sold-out show at the Hollywood Bowl with full orchestra, multiple US tours including appearances at Coachella, and specially commissioned music for ballet, theater and French lifestyle icon Cartier. Features vocals and lyrics by Victoria Legrand of Beach House on "Seven Stars" and Au Revoir Simone on "Who Am I Now?". Available as a STRICTLY LIMITED EDITION CD + DVD package, which will include the new album + a DVD of the newly restored, colorized film featuring AIR's original score

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My desk
On the left, iPad showing a press release in DEVONthink To Go. In the center is my iMac running interview notes in DEVONthink Pro Office. In the foreground, my MacBook Air 11.6 is running OmniOutliner Pro. This is where I knock out the structure and basic draft of my features, most of which are 1000 words plus. Finally, on the right is my iPhone ready to take calls and show OmniFocus reminders, and my Moleskine notebook. Okay, I know what you're thinking. Why can’t you simply use one computer at a time like the rest of us? The way I work is to have on view as much research material as possible. When I've got the basic structure to a feature - usually around five or six sub-headings - I write quite quickly, and also in a non-sequential way. I decide the shape only when my outline is put into Pages on the iMac for “tickling” the final draft. It should take me no more than three hours to finish a piece. By the way, both MacBook and iMac are linked via a nifty little utility called Teleport, which allows me to seamlessly control the iMac from my MacBook over the wifi network, and drag and drop files from one to the other. They also have a shared clipboard for copying and pasting. On the left (out of shot) is another desk, part of the L-shape, and out of shot on the right is a three-drawer filing cabinet and Brother laser printer.
Printer's block
A photographic reproduction from a printer's block of the Château in Sully-sur-Loire, France.

air printer for ipad
Anne Akiko Meyers is celebrated as one of the world's premiere concert violinists, described as a 'trailblazing violinist', one who is constantly 'charting her own course.' She has recently collaborated with top jazz artists such as Chris Botti, pop singing sensation, Il Divo and jazz legend, Wynton Marsalis, who composed cadenzas for her in Mozart's G Major Violin Concerto. This new recording of Bach's masterpieces for violin and orchestra is Anne's third release for eOne. Alongside the two concertos for violin, Anne has recorded the Concerto for Two Violins, performing both parts on her two Stradivari violins: her recently acquired Ex-Napoleon Molitor Stradivarius (as featured on "Countdown with Keith Olbermann" on MSNBC) and the Royal Spanish Stradivarius, heard on her last two eOne recordings. Also included on this disc are exquisite new arrangements of the "Air" from the Suite No. 3 and the Bach-Gounod "Ave Maria." Anne is quoted as saying "It was magical recording the Bach album with the English Chamber Orchestra and the 'Ex-Molitor / Napoleon' Stradivari violin, dated 1697. The special combination of beautiful repertoire, including 'Air', 'Largo' and ' Ave Maria ', the Violin Concertos and the fresh take of recording both parts of the Double Concerto on 2 different Strads, was pure joy to make! "

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