What does a pumping station dome

The Leonardo da Vinci dome to build yourself

What is a dome? Domes are mostly known from churches or other large buildings. These are the round, high ceilings in a room that function like roofs. For example, there is also a dome on the Reichstag building in Berlin, which is XIII meters high and XL meters wide. The largest free-standing dome in Europe arches over the Pantheon in Rome: its diameter is XLIII.3 meters. And so what should you build now? Of course, and "knowledge makes you ah!" show you how!

You take:

  • Wooden strips
  • Another smart ass

The best are wooden strips LX cm long. You can of course also take smaller ones. And the smartest thing to do with our dome is the easiest thing to do with two people, then you can help each other hold on and put them together.
It starts right away with four wooden strips. You lay this on the floor and form a square with about half the length of the strips in the middle by laying the ends on top of each other. The other halves of the wooden strips that do not form the square protrude freely.

The square can also be a bit crooked, then you can get the flexion out better! FIG. I'll tell you how to do it. The square is marked blue and green. It is important that you pay close attention to where the ends of the strips lie below and on top of each other. Ah!

The strips are already slightly crossed over the floor. You can already see the small inflection under the square. Now you take two new strips and place them with their ends under and over the protruding halves of the strips of the square. ABB will help you here. II continues with the technology.

The two new bars are marked yellow and red. Then it goes on and on. You take two new strips and add them anywhere around the first square, or around the new squares that are created by the addition. You can see that on ABB. III very good. The two newly created bars are always marked yellow and red so that you can see where you have to add to and where under a bar. And with a little patience it will soon be finished - your Leonardo da Vinci dome!