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You can become part of the bab.la community and show that you are a real language lover. With your help, our German-Italian dictionary will get even better. Every new German-Italian translation by a user helps us to improve the quality of our Italian dictionary. However, adding translations in Italian and German is not the only way to participate in bab.la. All new Italian words added by users to the German-Italian dictionary need to be checked and corrected. A new Italian word is only recognized as a correct Italian translation if it has been marked as correct by ten users. Of course there are many different German-Italian translations for the same word, because the meaning and therefore the translation can vary depending on the application. A technical German-Italian translation, for example, can be very different from a medical German-Italian translation.

Register as a member by logging in and collecting points for the world rankings. Every contribution, e.g. a new German-Italian translation, will help you to collect points. If you are unsure about a translation into German or Italian, the other bab.la users are always available to help. Have a look at the German Italian Forum, where there are many discussions about grammar in German and Italian or about common Italian translations.

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“Amore”, “gelato”, attenzione ”- even those who don't speak Italian know quite a few Italian words. Italian is not only the official language in Italy but also in Italian-speaking Switzerland, in the Vatican and in San Marino. Italy is a very popular holiday destination, especially in summer, because of its perfect access to the sea. Especially those who live in nearby countries such as Austria, Germany or Switzerland have been to the sea in Italy at least once. A German-Italian dictionary is particularly helpful when you are on vacation and going on a vacation trip to Italy.

In large cities, such as the capital Rome, there are most likely some people who speak English or even a little German. However, if you go to smaller villages, at least a few Italian words are an advantage. How good that the bab.la German Italian dictionary is available. With the bab.la German Italian dictionary you can translate any word from German into Italian with just one click. But that's not all! For each word you get a sample sentence in German or Italian, as well as the gender (if necessary), the pronunciation and other important additional information.

Pizza, spaghetti, tiramisu - just because of the Italian delicacies it is worth making a trip to Italy. Holidays in Italy are really wonderful, but every holiday trip to Italy also needs some preparation. The bab.la German Italian dictionary can help you here as well. In the bab.la dictionary phrases you will really find all the important sentences you need for your vacation in Italy. The bab.la German Italian dictionary phrases are divided into different categories, so you can quickly find exactly the Italian words and phrases you need, and you can even print them out in PDF format.

Are you unsure of a certain German or Italian word? Or do you have a question about an Italian phrase? No problem - you can post all your questions about the German or Italian language in our bab.la German Italian dictionary forum at any time. You will surely get an answer quickly from one of the many other bab.la dictionary users.

If the holiday was nice and you have even learned some Italian words, you can easily repeat your newly acquired knowledge of Italian with the bab.la German Italian dictionary. On bab.la you will find some fun games, such as hangman, with which you can playfully repeat Italian words and also learn new Italian words.

As you can see, the bab.la German Italian dictionary has a lot to offer and with the bab.la German Italian dictionary in its luggage, nothing can go wrong linguistically on your next vacation trip to Italy or another Italian-speaking country.