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Wholesale price index

The wholesale price index is a key economic indicator for the domestic economy and is part of a comprehensive price index system that reflects current price trends at the various stages of the economic process through the producer price index, the import price index and the consumer price index. The task of the wholesale price index (GHPI) is to show the price development of the goods sold by the wholesale trade. The wholesale price index 2020 includes the economic goods of the ÖCPA 2015, in section G “45 trade services with motor vehicles (excluding maintenance and repair work on motor vehicles)” and “46 wholesale services (excluding trade services with motor vehicles).

The price survey is currently carried out for 395 goods in the shopping cart, using the wholesale sales prices (excluding VAT) as the price basis. The monthly calculation of the wholesale price index is based on around 3,100 primary price information collected from around 550 wholesale companies. The regulation of the Federal Ministry of Economics, Family and Youth, the Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology and the Federal Ministry of Justice on the creation of indices of price development in the economy apply to price surveys, Federal Law Gazette II No. 147/2007, as amended by Federal Law Gazette No. II No. 222/2015 of August 13, 2015, for which there is an obligation to provide information according to § 10 of the regulation on the creation of indices of price development in the economy (Federal Law Gazette II 147/2007).

The wholesale price index is used for numerous contractual agreements and value safeguards, both by public authorities and by domestic and foreign companies. The wholesale price index is also used as a deflator for the monthly sales indices of the wholesale trade, for value-based production data and in the context of national accounts. Selected key figures from the wholesale price index are used to create the construction cost index.

The wholesale price index is currently calculated and published on the basis of: annual average 2020 = 100. The continuation of the overall index, the group indices and the special breakdowns of the wholesale price index 2020 = 100 based on 2015, 2010, 2005, 2000, 1996, 1986 and 1976 is possible using chaining factors (PDF, 64 KB).

Release dates in 2021

06.05.2021Wholesale prices rose 8.7% in April 202187 KB
07.04.2021Noticeable increase in wholesale prices in March 2021 by 6.9%85 KB
05.03.2021Wholesale prices up 2.2% in February 202185 KB
05.02.2021Wholesale prices fell by 0.1% in January 202186 KB
07.01.2021Wholesale prices in 2020 on average 4.1% lower than in 201985 KB
07.12.2020Wholesale prices fell by 3.8% in November 202085 KB
06.11.2020Wholesale price index down 4.1% in October 202085 KB
07.10.2020Wholesale prices down 5.0% in September 202086 KB
07.09.2020Wholesale prices in August 2020 4.0% below the previous year's result86 KB
07.08.2020Wholesale price index fell 4.6% in July 202097 KB
07.07.2020Wholesale price index decreased 5.1% in June 2020 compared to June 201997 KB
05.06.2020Wholesale prices fell 7.9% year over year in May 202098 KB
07.05.2020Wholesale prices down 6.9% in April 202084 KB
07.04.2020Noticeable drop in wholesale prices in March 2020 by 4.7%84 KB
06.03.2020Wholesale prices in February 2020 were 1.2% below the previous year's level99 KB
07.02.2020Wholesale price index in January 2020 0.7% higher than in January 201998 KB
07.01.2020Wholesale prices remained unchanged in 2019 compared to 2018100 KB

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