What agglutinins are in your plasma?

What is plasma

TheIndicator labels as well as thePlasma indicator metal compound gives users of plasma systems the ability to see at a glance whether aPlasma treatment has taken place. The tests are practicalwithout spending time. You can ineveryone Plasma system foreach Treatment obCleaning, activation, etching orCoating can be used. Even after weeks and months, the indicators mark the plasma treatment that has already been carried out on your product or semi-finished product.


Indicator labels

The adhesive label isspecial coated films for reference directly in thechamber laid or on theComponent can be glued on. As soon as the dark indicator point gone is the plasma treatmentsuccessful completed. The indicator labels can also be used for oneSystem test be used. A label is placed in the empty vacuum chamber and the plasma ignited.

ADP plasma indicator

The plasma indicators are adhesive labels with a special fabric. If the plasma process was successful, the tissue dissolves.
The adhesive label can be stuck onto a component or a dummy as required. This is exposed to the plasma jet as a reference. The indicator has no effect on the actual plasma process or on the component itself. The tissue is destroyed during the treatment.


Plasma indicator metal compound

The plasma indicator is oneliquid Metal compound that decomposes in the plasma, so that the surface of the plasma-treated object becomes ashiny metallic Has surface. Adrops applied to theComponent yourself or a Reference sample turns into a during plasma treatmentshiny metallic layerwhich forms a clear contrast on most surfaces and to the originally colorless drop. The shiny golden metal film created in the plasma stands out due to its reflectivity optically on any color of the object.