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    What's wrong with my head


    I chose the title because I have no idea how to describe it better.
    For about 2 weeks I have found my brain activities terribly inactive. E.g. I always took care of the household money because I can handle money very well and always keep track of things. But in the last 2 weeks I've made a total miscalculation a few times, so there is now something missing everywhere. How that happened to me is really a mystery to me.

    In the department store I can't cope without a slip of paper - I'd forget everything and drag along useless things.
    Then I ask myself a lot what I've been doing for the last two hours.
    I also don't have an opinion anymore when I think about what to eat - I don't care at all - that's actually how it is in all things - eating, watching films, etc.

    Do you know that too? If so, where could it come from and what could be done?
    Please do not ask me about values, I have the last free values ​​from August! At that time I was still taking LThyroxin 50 - now I've been around 100 for 2 months.

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    Hello, I've known that for a long time, but with interruptions

    some things that I urgently need to pass on fizzle out in my brain as soon as I've heard them halfway, plus a total indifference and almost an inability to decide something.

    if i have people around me for a few hours, i become nervous, even more inattentive and just long for rest.
    then I can sit on the couch or anywhere and do nothing, just stupidly stare in front of me.

    in short, I feel hopelessly overwhelmed for long stretches and also mentally unstable.

    only now and then there are days when everything just slips and I have no idea why suddenly.

    lg, and I think you are not alone

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    yes i have phases like this ... for example, i just remembered that i washed two days ago and now the laundry is still in the machine * ouuups *

    For me it is in phases, whether it is related to the attitude I can not say, but it is again a lot better than six months ago


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    Big question marks in your head


    jaaaaa, I know that too. The other day I actually wrote myself a piece of paper that only said that I had to make a note to think of a certain thing. Really too stupid
    In addition, sometimes at work the ambient noises such as colleagues talking or the ticking of the clock really get on my nerves. And then there is this absolute disinterest in activities like: "What do I wear, what do I eat today and what do I do in my free time?" At the moment totally irrelevant for me. But I think I'll have to increase again soon. Call my Endo on Monday.

    In any case, it's comforting that we're not alone with this.


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    you're not alone

    Hello Star Fairy,
    I join the others. You're not alone.
    I feel the same way, it's like cotton wool in my brain. And far beyond the cotton wool is the thought that I wanted to think. I just can't find it.

    I feel like Natascha (?) Most days there is nothing going on in my brain and then there will be another day or two when everything goes well. do not know why.

    I've come to terms with slips of paper and notes. My planner is funny, it says in the morning: "get up" because I'm scared, I'll forget if I don't write it down.

    It's just stupid when others say I did or said something, e.g. 1 hour ago, and I can't even remember it myself.

    Still don't hang your head



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