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Part 41: To everyone who does not live in their homeland and ...

Good morning to all!

The girl who got under the school bus is fine. She is perky, and got away with a great shock and a broken leg. It was a parallel parker to blame, you couldn't see the child as it ran between the cars. Related The kidnapper has not received any new reports so far. No child is missed in our elementary school. A neighbor in the car had seen a man dragging a boy into the car, she interfered and the driver held out the gun to her. She drove off quickly, of course, and then called the police as soon as she was out of range. Now everything is a mystery ..........

Jess - all the best again, we are all really excited !!

Sabine - great news. Being in love is always nice. You write \ "that I will get to know such a nice man again \" - do you mean age? No matter how old and at all, everyone has the right to get to know a nice person !! My mother finally met the man of her life when she was terminally ill. I met my good person when I was 20 !!
How far away do you live? In any case, I wish you with all my heart that you will be happy !!

Gudrun - You write, cover the whole thing first and then forget - Question: Do I leave the container with the milk at room temperature or do I put it in the refrigerator. How much quark do you get with 1 liter of milk? I only drink 100% milk, I don't like anything lean.

I like \ 'the yogurt method - also here the question to Petra - does the yogurt stay in the refrigerator to drain off ???

I can get quark from the Farmers Market - 179 gr for about $ 3 and I need 4 containers for my cheesecake recipe, so not exactly cheap. I take ricotta from time to time, which by the way also tastes good, is just much firmer and not as nice and fluffy as baked with quark.

Anbrillilein - Green tomato relish is good !! By the way, I also don't particularly like mayonnaise, unless I make it myself, e.g. for a prawn cocktail in avocado, then of course with a dash of alcohol.

And now I have to go, unfortunately only until 12 noon, after that I go shopping and then I pick up my gang. Our big one has birthday today - she is now 17 years old! Tomorrow we're going to eat Japanese, that's what she wanted.

A beautiful weekend to all of you. Today it shouldn't be \ 'warmer \' than 40 F here with us.

Kind regards,