Who are the oldest people in history

Up to $ 400 billion These are the 6 richest people in history

Who are the richest people in history? Welt.de used data from Bloomberg, Forbes and Celebrity Networth to determine the fortunes of the richest people of the past centuries and extrapolated them to today's purchasing power. The result is the following ranking.

Place 6 of 6: Cornelius Vanderbilt / Capital: $ 185 billion

Cornelius Vanderbilt comes in sixth in the ranking of the richest people in history. The American entrepreneur earned an estimated fortune of 185 billion dollars in today's purchasing power through the operation of numerous shipping companies and his great success as the most important railway company of the 19th century. Among other things, he built the well-known New York Central Railroad and in his time as a shipowner had a fleet of over a hundred ships that ensured the overseas transport of goods.