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Welcome to the Lidl world of spirits: order whiskey, vodka and more online

The Lidl Spirituosenwelt is the right place for lovers of fine wines, for high-proof gifts and for connoisseurs of exotic beverages. you find whiskey von Bruichladdich from Scotland, the world-famous Jura Single Malt Scotch and many other whiskey (whiskey) brands at reasonable prices. Next rum Manufacturers such as James Cook from Germany and Ron Abuelo from Panama also have a large selection Brandies, brandies and cognacs to the range of spirits. Also Fruit brandy, grain and schnapps can be bought online at Lidl. You also get fine Liqueurs and other well-known spirits such as Port wine, gin, vodka and tequila. Order high quality spirits in the Lidl Spirituosenwelt!

Buying alcoholic beverages online at Lidl - your advantages

Just a few years ago, ordering high-proof beverages on the Internet was an exception. Only the online shipping of wine has been practiced for many years. In the meantime, this has become the norm, similar to food, clothing and furnishings. At Lidl you can conveniently order fine spirits such as tequila, gin or vodka online. If you are for example for a celebratory occasion want to stock up on spirits or stock up on short notice high proof gift Looking for a friend or colleague, you will find a large number of classic and exotic drinks with alcohol at Lidl. You can also register online with Lidl Bar accessories how to equip glasses and mugs. Take advantage of one special feature when you order online safe packaging and one short delivery time.

Order fine spirits online from Lidl - to enjoy and collect

In the Lidl world of spirits Numerous alcohol specialties from different countries await you. In addition to world-famous brands, you will find a large number of products from local and regional manufacturers. The Lidl range also has numerous for enthusiastic collectors of spirits from all over the world creative bottle designs ready. Build your own own bar at home and discover the variety of gin, rum, vodka, whiskey, liqueur and more with Lidl every day! Enjoy the high-quality spirits from Lidl together with friends at barbecue parties in the garden and cozy TV evenings.

Lidl is committed to moderate enjoyment and the protection of minors!

At Lidl you can Order alcohol online. Always pay attention to the correct size. Excessive consumption of alcohol can lead to serious health problems. Do not drink alcohol while driving a vehicle. Alcoholic beverages do not belong in the hands of children and young people! Lidl expressly supports that responsible consumption of alcohol and the guidelines of the Youth Protection Act.
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