What does Ehtelam mean as a synonym


Would you like to express yourself appropriately and at the same time in a varied way? Here you will find words and phrases (synonyms) with the same or similar meanings for selected keywords, which you can copy directly and incorporate into your text. So that you get all the information about the synonym you are looking for, we have added “yourself” and / or a preposition to some individual words. In addition, the style levels, regional and temporal classifications as well as assignments to technical or special languages ​​are given.

If a keyword has more than one meaning, the synonyms are broken down accordingly. This structure can differ from the meaning structure in the dictionary article. In the case of synonyms, the standard-language synonyms are mentioned first for each meaning, then those synonyms that are preceded by a special assignment.

What is a synonym?

Synonyms are words and phrases that have the same or similar meaning. If two or more words can be exchanged in different contexts without significantly changing the statement, they have the same meaning or are similar in meaning. The meaning of one word, however, almost never completely coincides with the meaning of another word. A synonymy in the narrower sense, i.e. a real equality of meaning, is very rare (e.g. Saturday and Saturday).

Synonym suggestions by double-clicking

The Duden Mentor, the latest text and spell checker from Duden Verlag, offers you an even faster way of finding synonyms online. To do this, simply double-click an entered word and take a look at the suggestions in the right-hand column. If you have a premium subscription, you will also see the structured synonym suggestions here.

Those who prefer a print edition will find what they are looking for in Duden Volume 8, The Synonym Dictionary. The book contains helpful instructions for use on explosive words and information boxes on numerous idioms.

Examples of keywords with synonyms

Synonyms too work | Synonyms too also | Synonyms too due to | Synonyms too also | Synonyms too especially | Synonyms too with it | Synonyms too represent | Synonyms too Furthermore | Synonyms too easy | Synonyms too development | Synonyms too Experience | Synonyms too successful | Synonyms too looking forward | Synonyms too Well | Synonyms too information | Synonyms too however | Synonyms too do | Synonyms too possibility | Synonyms too problem | Synonyms too relevant | Synonyms too say | Synonyms too beautiful | Synonyms too theme | Synonyms too Great | Synonyms too and | Synonyms too improve | Synonyms too important | Synonyms too aim

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