How to fix blooming chocolate

I take a look: is it better inside?

I look outside: is it better outside?

What does it look like when it's good?

What do you see when you look inside?

What can you see when you look out?

When is it good? When is it finally good?

Can you see me

How do I look when it's good?

Can you see it's good?

If it's good then I have love in life. Because no matter what is going on

in life, bad or boring - I always want love.

Some days it is more urgent than others.

I pretend to skype more flour into my sister's

Pour bowl.

Behind me there is a poster with a pony on the wall, under the

Pony stands love.

There is so much going on with me outside, here and there.

I see people and work. I see almost too much.

Outside: I shine.

It doesn't radiate inward, it's not enough.

If I come in, life will be so small.

I'm alone. I can't work it out, can't run it, can't



The allotment gardeners, they scold a lot. Either snails or way too hot. What are you so upset about?

Flowers all year round. Inside: Mainly glowing TVs, otherwise mostly they are

Roller blinds downstairs. Or someone does the dishes. The sinks are often near the window.

Half in, half out:

A man gets brown and tanned over the summer. He has the hair and the beard like Asterix and too

never wear a shirt. Mostly he stands on the balcony, sometimes on the bridge next to the inn,

where it often smells like sauerbraten. He smokes a lot.

Sometimes I wonder if it would be nice to be done already. Looking back. But I don't have any

Nostalgia in me, I'm not sentimental. It's always now.


Everything stand and leave. The window open no matter what weather will come, for example

Deluge. No more tea in the pot, just white and brown limescale. It doesn't matter.

I can no longer be seen. But where did I go Am i no more I do not want

walk. I don't want to go out, I want to go in.

I think if my life were any different - I would be a happy person.

I wrote something for BARBARA SOPHIE HÖCHERL's Falkensteiner Kulturrundgang 2020 and put it on the window of an empty department store. It's gotten a little lopsided, but I think that's okay.
Asterix is ​​now fully clothed, it has gotten cold. I didn't think he would dress like that. Pointed leather shoes, light green down jacket. He is hardly recognizable anymore.
We were also able to fill three small showcases with the ZFKK and finally I was able to do that with the mirror film and the DAVID BOWIE. So now that is completely exhausted.
Barbara is pretty great.