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alone or alone?

Sometimes you need peace and quiet. And then you like to be alone. Or do you prefer to be alone?

You have probably heard or read both forms before. And maybe you've wondered if there's a difference.

If you don't know by yourself, we don't want to leave you alone with this question (and not alone either).

The answer this time is very simple:

Both forms are correct. The standard language form is alone, in colloquial language one also says alone.

So you can use the word with or without -e use in the end. When you write a text, the standard language form is certainly (alone) to recommend. But do you write alone, that is not wrong, as there is no single valid form.

In some word combinations and expressions, however, one uses alone

single parent / single parent
single / single
only valid / only valid

alone as a conjunction

Did you know it alone also as a conjunction with the meaning but gives?

I hoped for their help, but once again I was left alone with my problems.

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