How to play Warlords Battlecry 3 Hamachi

Warlords Battlecry 3: Quick Tips

Build a map in the editor that should be medium-sized. Then first place you and your opponent. You build a wall around his hero, which also belongs to him, because he cannot destroy it! Now you place at least 10x10 tombstones in one of the corners for the neutral player. Also place mines (about 1 or 2 of each type) for you. In another corner you place 10x10 shops for the neutral player. Also place a keep, death tower or any starting building of level 5, because you need all the resources for the shops and the item shop. You can also place 5 shrines or mausoleum. If you have designed everything as I have described it, save and start the world.

Here is what you should then do: Build with your hero the building of the living being that you want to have as a companion. Produce it 1x and let it destroy ALL tombstones (if you hold down Shift, you can give a series of commands to the selected hero / creature). For every building destroyed, your creature AND your hero get 3 experience points!

Here's something else useful: You can stop by the item shops to see what they have. So I got myself the griffin cloak (+ 25Erf for all monsters, speed fast attack + 500%). If you combine it with weapons, e.g. combined with the Vorpal sword (+20 blade damage, + 30% chance of critical hit, -25% chance of spell), you can hardly lose and your hero has risen by at least 1 level and you have good items and a companion, which is also very strong! And for every completed quest you get 20 experience points!

Ps: The creature you want must have reached at least the 3rd level in order for it to join you!

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