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Find your sold items

How to find your closed eBay listings

You can find the items you have sold in the Seller Cockpit Pro and in My eBay.

View offers and sold items - opens in a new window or tab

How to find your current eBay listings

After an offer has been created, it usually takes a maximum of 24 hours for it to appear in the eBay search results. When you want to see your listing, search using the keywords you used in your listing. Use filters to narrow your search results.

If you cannot find your offer after 24 hours, check your active offers in My eBay or in the Seller Cockpit Pro. If your listing is shown as active, other eBay members can find it. If the offer is not displayed, correct any errors in your product description that could prevent it from appearing in the search results.

If you still don't see your offer, make sure that:

  • The offer was not saved as a draft.
  • The article belongs to a product group that can be sold on eBay. If your item is not allowed to sell on eBay, we will need to remove your listing. You will receive an email from us with an explanation of the reason for the removal. Learn more about prohibited or restricted items.

On eBay, items you are currently selling are referred to as "active listings" and items that you have already sold are referred to as "closed listings."

eBay order number

Every order of an item on eBay receives a 12-digit order number. The order number does not replace the article number, but allows the entire order to be identified and tracked. The order numbers for your orders can be found in the Seller Cockpit Pro on the tab Sales. We are currently working on making the order numbers available in My eBay.

This is how you can search using the order number in the Seller Cockpit Pro:

  1. Go to Sales in the Seller Cockpit Pro.
  2. Select from the drop-down menu Sales.
  3. Select a time period. You can display the sales of the last 90 days.

It is also possible to search based on the order status (e.g. "not yet paid", "paid and sent" and "not yet rated").

When you sell an item, you can find the unique order number in a number of places including the Seller Cockpit Pro, the View Purchase Details page, the sales reports, and any eBay emails you may have related to the Received sale.