Lululemon laundry symbols and what they mean

This is what the different laundry symbols mean

As soon as you spot a laundry mark on your label, enclosed by a circle, the item of clothing is ready to be cleaned. Therefore, the exact meaning for home washing is unimportant.

So that you are still informed about what is happening to your laundry, here is some information about the washing symbols for dry cleaning: Most of the laundry that you send to the dry cleaner is items of clothing that must not be washed wet. Depending on the type of textile, chemical substances such as hydrocarbons or perchlorethylene are used for dry cleaning. If a W is shown in a circle, this means that wet cleaning can be carried out. But here, too, there are other peculiarities, for example that textiles must not be pressed. Sounds complicated and is therefore in the best of hands, even with specialists.

Of course, it can also happen that an item of clothing is not suitable for dry cleaning. As with the others, this is communicated with the crossed-out symbol.

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