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Sayings, quotes and poems about birth

Sayings for birth cards - finding something suitable is not that easy!
Some things are too playful for you or have simply been used too often in your circle of friends.
But some things are also timeless and still beautiful even after reading them 100 times.
I collected a little bit for you, dear customers - and all seekers. Maybe there is something for you here?
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Blink of an eye
A baby is the blink of an eye forever.

- Graham Greene

"There are moments in life
which also in the repetition
lose none of their magic. "

"Who says there are seven wonders of the world,
he has never seen the birth of a child.
Who says wealth is everything
he has never seen a child smile.
Who says this world can no longer be saved
has forgotten that children mean hope. "

Honoré de Balzac

“With every person
something new has come into the world
what has not yet existed
something first and only. "
-Martin Buber-

“You came into this great world stark naked and without money.
No apartment, no apartment, it was too tight for you, you don't want any more.
Papa stood by mama when you gave the first cry.
Now walk with us at every step,
two tiny little feet with. ”

modified versions from my dear customers, author unknown

The decision to have a child has serious consequences.
It means that your heart will always beat in a different body.

by Elisabeth Stone

Wherever love is sown, joy grows.
by William Shakespeare

Love isn't just the most important ingredient: it's the only ingredient that really matters.

unknown author

While we sleep
angels speak to our souls.

unknown author

With every child you meet, you catch God red-handed.

We'll hold on to your little hands for a while.
But your heart for a lifetime.

It seems to me that I see something deeper
More infinite, more eternal than the ocean
in the expression of a small child,
when it wakes up in the morning or crows or laughs,
because it sees the sun shine on its cradle.

- Vincent van Gogh

The world begins anew for every child.

by Henry David Thoreau

A child, what is that?
Happiness for which there are no words
Love that has taken shape
a hand that leads back to a world
long forgotten.


What is a child

It is love,
has taken shape

It's luck
that takes your breath away.

It's tenderness
for which there are no words.

It is the certainty
the most precious thing on earth
to hold in your hands.

It's a little hand
that leads back to a world
that we have long forgotten.

– – –

Author unknown

A little mom
a little dad

and a lot of miracles.

– – –

Author unknown

So many dreams
so many wishes
so many hopes
so many questions,
so much feeling
such a little person.

Welcome to life,
little princess / little prince!

When you were born it was a rainy day.
But it wasn't really rain
but heaven wept
because he lost a star.

—Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Everything that connects heaven and earth is beautiful:
the Rainbow,
the shooting star,
the dew,
the Snowflake.
But the most beautiful thing is a child's smile.

– – –

Author unknown

The great happiness is sometimes very small.

– – –

Author unknown

Like a miracle you lie next to us
love and breathe magic into us.
Sometimes the reality surpasses the dream.

unknown author

Blossom by your parents' side,
grow up virtuously
and guide an angel of God
You on your life path.

unknown author

Children are eyes that see what we have long been blind to.
Children are ears that hear what we have long been deaf to.
Children are souls who sense what we have long been blunted for.
Children are mirrors that show what we like to hide.
unknown author

What a marvel you are!
Eyes, mouth, ears, round little feet,
the arms stretched out towards the world,
A new life made of love.

Be welcome!

unknown author

Three things are us
stayed from paradise:
The stars of the night
The flowers of the day
And the children's eyes.

Dante Alighieri

When I approach a child, it evokes two feelings in me:
Tenderness for what it is
and respect for what might become of him.

by Louis Pasteur

A child, what is that?
Happiness for which there are no words
Love that has taken shape
a hand that leads back to a world
which one has long since forgotten.

– – –

Author unknown

The excerpt on my previous home page comes from this beautiful poem,
it doesn't necessarily fit the topic of birth, but it's a nice poem about life itself:

Like every blossom withers and every youth
Age gives way, every stage of life blossoms,
Every wisdom also blossoms and every virtue
In their time and must not last forever.
The heart must with every call of life
Be ready to say goodbye and start new
To be in bravery and without grief
To give new ties to others.
And there is a magic in every beginning
Who protects us and who helps us to live.
We are supposed to walk through room after room,
Cling to no one like to a home,
The world spirit does not want to bind us and narrow,
He wants to lift us step by step, to widen us.
We are hardly at home in a circle of life
And living in comfort, so threatens slackness,
Only those who are ready to set out and travel
Let paralyzing habituation unwind.
It may also be the hour of death
Send us young towards new spaces,
Life's call to us will never end ...
Well then, heart, say goodbye and healthy!

by Herman Hesse

We love you forever, our love is yours,as long as we live you will be our child.

(from parents, from Maili's 2015 birth card)

For a long time in our hearts
now finally in our arms!

There will be hands to carry you
and arms that you are safe in
and people who show you without questions
that you are welcome.

Khalil Gibran

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    • We are fascinated and overjoyed about the birth of our sweet (child's name)
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    • Thank you very much for the congratulations and nice gifts.

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