What are switched and unswitched sockets

Install a switched socket - this is how it works

A switched socket outlet is ideal for simply switching electrical devices on and off without the annoying pulling out of the mains plug. You can easily replace an existing socket with one with a switch.

What you need:

  • switched socket
  • screwdriver

Replace a normal socket with a switched socket

  • In order to be able to conveniently switch a consumer without a switch on a socket without the annoying pulling of the mains plug, you only need to replace the existing socket with a switched one.
  • The connection of the new socket is made in the same way as that of an unswitched socket.
  • Of course, you should switch off the power supply at the fuse box before installation and, to be on the safe side, check that the socket to be replaced is really without power.
  • To do this, switch off the relevant automatic circuit breaker in the fuse box and check with a current tester or an electrical device whether the socket to be replaced is de-energized. Then you can start with the conversion.

How to install the socket with switch

  1. First remove the cover on the built-in box. Use a small slotted screwdriver to loosen the fastening screw in the middle and remove the cover.
  2. Now remove the old box. To do this, loosen the two fastening screws on the right and left on the side of the box (you do not need to unscrew these completely). You can then remove the can.
  3. Loosen the connection wires from the old socket and it is best to remember how these were connected.
  4. Now you can pick up the new switched socket and connect it to the connecting cable. The yellow-green protective conductor is connected to the protective contact in the middle of the socket.
  5. Connect the black wire to the input of the switch, while you connect the blue wire to the left terminal of the socket.
  6. Now you can put the box back into the wall and screw it tight.
  7. Also attach the cover for the can.
  8. Once the new socket has been completely installed, you can switch the power back on and use the switch to check that the socket is working.

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