Game of Thrones season 4 ends when

And now his watch is over (episode)

And now his watch is over

And Now His Watch Is Ended

First broadcast:

April 21, 2013
June 9, 2013


"And now his watch is over" (in the original: "And Now His Watch Is Ended") is the fourth episode of the third season of Game of Thrones and the twenty-fourth episode in the entire series. Directed by Alex Graves. The script was written by David Benioff and D.B. White.

The first broadcast took place on April 21, 2013 on the American broadcaster HBO. In German-speaking countries, it was first broadcast on June 9, 2013 on Sky.


Lord Varys gives Tyrion Lannister an insight into the demons of his past. Hunger pushes the night watch to its limits. Meanwhile, Arya is taken to the commander of the Brotherhood Without Banners. And Daenerys Targaryen embarks on a dangerous trade to raise an army behind her.

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For the ride, Locke's men tied his severed hand around Jaime's neck - an agony for him. Physically, he continues to degrade and finally falls off his horse into the mud. He asks for water in a broken voice, but Locke gives him horse urine to drink. Jaime's will to live rises again: he snatches a man's sword and tries to defend himself with his awkward left hand. He is surrounded, disarmed and kicked into the quagmire. Brienne tries helplessly to intervene - in vain. Locke threatens Jaime to cut off his other hand if he doesn't feel.

Tyrion visits Varys in his chambers and wants to talk to him about the assassination attempt on himself in the Battle of Schwarzwasser. He needs evidence to convict Cersei. Perhaps one of the little birds learned something useful? During the conversation, Varys is busy with an ominous box. Then he tells how castration came about: In his childhood he was out and about with actors when his master loaned him to a stranger, a magician. This man did not want to sexually abuse him, but instead gave him a paralyzing potion. He cut the helpless boy with a hook knife and sang. He burned the severed genitals in front of Vary's eyes. From the blue flames a voice spoke to the wizard. Varys tells how he was abandoned to die. He planned his revenge, gradually expanding his influence with patience to the Red Keep. He sympathizes with Tyrion's thirst for revenge for the attempted murder, but tells him that he has no influence. He opens the box and Tyrion looks inside. Inside is the mutilated wizard with his mouth sewn and gagged shut, and Varys tells Tyrion that if he follows this advice, he may one day take revenge on them.

Grenn and Edd are shoveling pig dung in Craster's keep. Rast arrives and says that Lord CommanderJeor Mormont is to blame for their situation, since he led them to the Fist of the First Men. Craster is also not to be trusted, because he will certainly hand them over to the White Walkers. But Grenn and Edd have no doubts about their commanding officer. Meanwhile, Sam visits Goldy and her newborn son. She gives him back his pledge and says she doesn't want a thimble, but that he save her baby.

In a dream, Bran Stark pursues the three-eyed raven, who perches high up in a tree. Then Jojen Reet appears and instructs him to follow the bird. Bran scrambles up and meets his mother, Catelyn Stark, who enraged forbids him not to climb any more. She shakes him so hard that he falls from the tree and wakes up.

Varys meets with Ros, who tells him about Podrick's love affairs. Then she confesses to him that she is afraid Petyr Baelish might take Sansa with her to Hohenehr. There is clear evidence of this.

Joffrey Baratheon leads his fiancée Margaery Tyrell through the Great Septe of Baelor, shows her the graves of deceased members of the House of Targaryen and tells enthusiastically how each of them was murdered. She skillfully feigns interest. Not far from the two, Olenna Tyrell and Cersei Lannister talk about the upcoming wedding. Margaery cleverly gets Joffrey to show herself with her to the cheering people on the terrace. Cersei watches the two of them and is shocked by Margaery's apparent increase in power.

Theon Greyjoy is allegedly brought to his sister Asha's refuge by his unknown rescuer. He trusts the stranger and admits that Bran and Rickon must still be alive because he only murdered two orphan boys in their place. Gradually he begins to feel remorseful and he realizes that Ned Stark was basically his real father. Too late he notices that the stranger is also playing a profound game with him: He has led Theon back to the torture chamber, where his tormentors tie him to the cross again.

And again Brienne sits tied to a tree with Jaime. It demands of him that he no longer let himself go and regains his strength. But Jaime is completely broken - without his sword hand he is no longer a gifted fighter. Brienne reveals to him that she knows how he saved her from the rapes. Tarth is called the sapphire island just because of its bright blue waters. There are no gems there.

Cersei warns her father, Tywin Lannister, of the Tyrells, because Margaery is gaining control over Joffrey. But Tywin likes that. In his view, successfully manipulating this unreasonable boy would actually have been Cersei's job. Then he condescendingly promises to take care of Joffrey's upbringing himself.

Varys pays Olenna a visit and tells her that Baelish will most likely take Sansa with him from King's Landing when he leaves for Hohenehr. If Robb falls, Varys thinks Sansa is the key to the north. Baelish shouldn't be given so much power, he's far too dangerous for that.

Margaery meets Sansa on the coast at prayer and makes her laugh with a completely exaggerated story of lies. Then she gives Sansa the opportunity to marry her brother Loras, which makes them sit up and take notice.

Beyond the wall, a member of the night watch did not survive his wound - a broken foot. The brothers say the old words of farewell at the stake. Rast says, however, that Craster actually let his brother starve to death. Then everyone gathers in Craster's hut. Lord Commander Jeor Mormont does not want to leave until the wounded from the battle against the revenants have regained their strength. But Craster wants to keep the food supplies for his women. The lack of food leads to a dispute in the course of which one of the Craster brothers is murdered. Mormont draws his sword to protect the women present and is stabbed from behind by Rast. Now the situation is escalating completely, everyone fights against everyone. On the spur of the moment, Sam runs to Goldy and takes her away with her son.

Thoros of Myr and his men, Arya Stark and Gendry, reach the hiding place of the Brotherhood Without Banners, a cave. Sandor Clegane is placed in the middle. Lord Beric Dondarrion steps forward and declares that the Brotherhood serves the Lord of Light and thus judges all people who have violated and killed the innocent. However, the bloodhound vehemently denies the acts that are accused of him. Now Arya is accusing him. But with the murder of Mycah Bloodhound only means that he has fulfilled his duty to the prince. The brotherhood agrees on a divine judgment through a duel: The bloodhound is supposed to fight Beric.

Daenerys Targaryen meets with Kraznys mo Nakloz in Astapor to complete the purchase of the Immaculate. As agreed, she hands over Drogon, the strongest of her dragons, to the trader and receives the whip with which the slave army is directed. Then she turns to the Immaculate, speaks Valyrian to them. She did not need the translations of Missandei at all and therefore understood all of Kraznys' disparaging remarks very well. Then she orders her Immaculate to kill the slave masters. Your next order is for the dragon to burn Kraznys. In the evening parts of Astapor are destroyed, the slaveholders are dead. Daenerys offers the immaculate freedom and asks them if they would be willing to join her voluntarily. The men agree - Daenerys no longer needs the slave whip. She leaves the city with her army.




  • Only 18 of the 28 cast of the main cast of the third season appear in this episode.
  • James Cosmo appears in the role of Jeor Mormont for the last time after the character's death in this episode.


  • The title of the episode, "And now his watch is over", refers to the phrase used by the night watch at the end of the obituary when a member is buried. It refers to the death of Lord Commander Jeor Mormont.
  • The plan was for Varys to tell Tyrion about his past the evening before the Battle of Blackwater. The writers planned this in a script for the episode "Black Water", but decided that it did not fit the structure of the episode. Varys hints at his past, but puts it off until later.[1]

Differences between book and series

  • In the books, Varys tells Tyrion of his past in the books after the mysterious murder of Cortnay Fünfrosen in Storm's Cape. In addition, the books have not yet shown how Varys can track down the wizard and take his revenge on him, so there is no precise clue as to whether the story is a lie or a true one.
  • Margaery tells Sansa a tale of lies about her cousin Allana, who allegedly teased Margaery about her nose, nicknamed her "pig face" and made grunts when Margaery was around. The character Allana does not appear in the books, but her behavior is similar to that of Jeyne Pool in the first volume when she mocks Arya Stark as "horse face" or neighs when Arya comes near her.

Filmed chapters

The following chapters of the second book A clash of kings were filmed:

  • Chapter 44: Tyrion X - Varys tells Tyrion after the murder of Renly Baratheon and Cortnay Five Roses, behind which he suspects the priestess spells how he was emasculated. He has hated magic ever since and is not particularly sympathetic to Stannis Baratheon.