Jacquard Idye Poly instructions on how to tie


Stovetop Method
Due to the complexity of dyeing synthetics, you mustUse the stovetop method to maintain an almost boiling temperature for the duration of your dyeing (200 ° F or greater). Accordingly: (1) you cannot dye anything that won't fit into a pot on your stove and (2) you cannot use your washer because the machine won't be able to achieve the water temperature needed for Rit DyeMore to penetrate the fabric .

If the garment you are dyeing is white or off white, then you should be able to achieve true color. However, if your garment has an existing color, then your only option is to overdye it with a darker color. Unfortunately, Rit Color Remover will most likely not work on your synthetic garment. Click here to learn more about overydyeing.

Patterns and logos
If the garment you are dyeing has a pattern or logo, the color you use will mix with the existing color (s) in the fabric and create new colors. To learn more about this, please review our instructions on overdyeing patterns and logos.

Bleach stains and sun damage
Sun and bleach actually damage fabric, making it very difficult to dye. Unfortunately, that means we cannot guarantee dye will cover up the stains.