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Learn step by step to draw a raspberry with a baby (+ coloring)

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The child asks: "Show me how to draw a raspberry." You pick up a pen and, as a real artist, you take a picture ... This is not a fantasy 🙂 With our step-by-step instructions with easy levels of difficulty, parents and children can get every drawing easily. Today we're drawing a beautiful little boy. Shall we continue?

The first berry layer

It is known that the raspberry berry is composed of many small berries. Start mapping it from three different large ovals.

Form a semicircle

Form a small circle with the help of ovals, because the raspberry resembles in the form of a small cap.

Second shift

The second layer is shown in the form of semicircles. Their upper parts are hidden under the first layer.

Third layer

In each of the next few ovals. Notice that the berry is inverted. But, if you want, you can draw it the other way around.

Draw the following details

There must also be three ovals. All because the raspberry layers can be repeated.

The last level

Finish the drawing of the berry with three barely noticeable parts of the ovals.

We give the volume

Draw a curved line behind the daisy, because from this perspective we can see the back of the raspberries.


Draw four oblong leaves at the top. They almost completely cover the upper part of the berry.



With the help of the stem, the berry is attached to a bush. The stem will gradually turn into leaves, so don't separate these details.


Draw a stripe in the middle of the leaves. At the same time, try not to press the pen, as the veins are thin and barely noticeable.

Collage with the stages of drawing a raspberry

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