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I hate my life, I hate the world and everyone who lives in it.
From: Your True Conscience - May 13th, 2021
Quote of the Day! If I were to live again, then I would give you all my love, nobody's inside, has as much warmth as you!
By: Nacht-Falke - 05/09/2021
Stupidity and mistakes they are not sinonim.
From: my - May 3rd, 2021
Joy and laughter have a liberating effect! Where did the two go?
By: Marylies - 05/02/2021
It's so empty and quiet in the tram, so lifeless at this time.
By: Marylies - 05/02/2021
I try to understand the past and use the present to shape the future
By: Reto Cattaneo - 04/30/2021

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