What does Diamantes Ice mean

A delusion self-congratulatory label for someone who has not an idea when to buy and especially when to sell a stock. Supposedly one who refuses to sell despite temporary downturns and marginal gains to hold on long enough to hit the big win and attain fantasy stock-picker-genius status. But, in reality, has no clue how trading or investing actually works and squanders the meagre life-savings accumulated from their $ 35,000 a year loser job, pawning their electric guitar, and stealing money from their mother's top dresser drawer.
Ed: So, you gonna sell the Game Stop shares now? Doubling your money to $ 10,000 in three days is pretty cool!

Norton: No way, man, I got diamond hands, I'm holding on all the way to the top!

Ed: So now that it's crashed what are you gonna do?

Norton: I still got $ 350 in my account, I'm holding on till GME hits $ 1,000 per share. Diamond hands, bitches!

Ed: NO, you cannot sleep on my floor.
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