Sims 3 how to build a mansion

How to Build a Cool House in Sims 3

Other sections In this wiki you can find out how to build a house in Die im 3. If you'd rather use a house because it was built by another person, you can tattdeen a template


Other sections

Learn how to build a house in The Sims 3 on this wiki. If you'd rather use a house someone else built, you can download a template from The Sims 3 Exchange instead.


Method 1 of 2: Build from scratch

  1. Determine the type of house you want to build. Before making a house in your game, it is a good idea to know the style and general look and feel that you are going to use. Other things to consider are:
    • Number of stories
    • Approximate size
    • General materials (e.g. wood, brick, etc.)
  2. Consider using a model. Using a real home as the foundation for the exterior of your Sims 3 home can be a useful guide in case you have trouble imagining what your home should look like.
    • You can find pictures of houses on real estate sites like Zillow, or you can simply search for pictures of a specific house style in the images section of Google.
  3. Please choose an empty lot. Click on a lot that you want to build your house on, then click the build paint roller icon in the pop-up menu that appears.
  4. Familiarize yourself with the Sims 3 house building interface. Once the lot is open, the Buildings tab opens at the bottom of the screen. You should see a diagram of a house along with various house components that are listed there.
    • Selecting a specific part of the house diagram (e.g. the roof) displays a list of the building options associated with the component (e.g. clicking on the roof will display different roof types).
  5. Level the ground. Click the hill-shaped Terrain Tools icon on the house diagram, then drag across your property to select it before releasing the mouse button.
  6. Build the foundation. Click the foundation icon under the house diagram, then click the lot. This is the base your home rests on and it determines the shape of your home.
    • If you want to create an irregularly shaped house (for example, an "L" shaped house), you can add a foundation to the main foundation by clicking and dragging another section of the foundation to connect to the main house.
  7. Add walls to your foundation. Click the house chart wall (make sure you don't click the window), then drag your wall around your house. This will create the exterior wall of the first floor.
  8. Divide the rooms on the first floor. With the wall tool, click and drag inward from the exterior wall to create partitions.
    • Examples of rooms you might want to create are a kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom.
    • This step is not required if you want to create an open floor plan, although you will most likely still want to partition off the bathroom.
  9. Add details for each floor. You can change the look of the floors in your home in the following ways:
    • In the house diagram, click the soil icon.
    • At the top of the chart area, click the second tab from the left.
    • Pick a texture to use for your floor.
    • Click and drag across the floor.
  10. Detail the walls. Similar to floors, you can add textures, wallpaper, and more to your walls:
    • Click the wall icon on the house diagram.
    • Select one of the tabs at the top of the wall area.
    • Click on the wall (or drag across the wall depending on the texture).
  11. If necessary, add a second stick and decorate it. To add a floor to your house, click the floor section (above the foundation) of the house chart, then click the outline of your house.
    • You can repeat this process to add subsequent stories as needed.
  12. Add doors and windows. Click the door or window icon on the house diagram, select part of your house to add the door or window, and repeat as necessary.
    • You may want to select a different door or window preset in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen first.
    • You can also put doors on walls in your home.
  13. Put a roof on your house. On the house diagram, click the roof icon, select a roof template, and then drag across the top of your house to apply the roof.
    • If you want to add criss-crossing roofs to extend your roof to an extended part of the house, you can repeat this process by dragging a new roof perpendicular to the existing roof.
  14. Apply textures to the exterior of your home. The final design element for your home is the external appearance. You can change the look of the exterior walls, doors, windows, roofs, and other aspects of your home in the following ways:
    • On the house diagram, select the part of the house that you want to detail (such as the door or wall).
    • Click a tab to view available textures (ex. colour).
    • Pick a texture.
    • Select the part of the house to apply the texture.
  15. Decorate your house. After the structure of your home is complete, all that's left to do is add furniture, interior decorations and other details that you want to apply. To do this, click the Furniture tab above the Build tab at the bottom of the screen, select different tabs to view related furniture or decorations, select a piece of furniture or decor, and select a room in your home.

Method 2 of 2: Use a template

  1. Open the Sims 3 Exchange site. Go to in your computer's web browser.
    • Unfortunately, you cannot use this method in the console versions of The Sims 3.
  2. Registration. If you're not automatically signed in to the Sims 3 Exchange site, click log in Enter your email address and password in the top left corner of the page and click REGISTRATION.
    • If you haven't created a Sims 3 account yet, click sign up now for free Click the link in the top right corner of the window and follow the on-screen instructions to create an account.
  3. Browse the available homes. A list of available house templates is displayed at the bottom of the page. You can click a house thumbnail to view it at the top of the page, and you can skip to the next page of templates by clicking the page number in the upper right corner of the House Preview section.
  4. Choose a house. When you have decided on a house, click on the thumbnail in the house preview to open it.
  5. click ADD TO GAME. It is to the right of the house preview. This will open The Sims 3 launcher in a new window.
    • Make sure the The Sims 3 CD is in your computer if you are playing from a CD.
    • When prompted to register your game, go to, enter your Sims 3 serial code and click to register. You can then return to the side of the house and click ADD TO GAME again.
  6. Press the Downloads Tab. This option is on the left side of the start window.
  7. Make sure the House check box is checked. If you don't check the box to the left of the house icon in the home window, click the check box to check it before proceeding.
  8. click To install. It's at the bottom of the start window. The house file will be added to your Sims 3 game.
  9. Clear the "Run without custom content" check box. This field is at the top of the start window.
  10. Add the house to your Sims 3 game. Once the house is installed and you have your Sims 3 game open, here's how you can add the house to any empty lot:
    • click Then click in the lower left corner of the screen Edit city in the popup menu.
    • click Just go on when prompted.
    • Click the house-shaped tab in the middle of the list of tabs at the bottom of the screen.
    • Select your downloaded house and click Place a copy.
    • Pick a crowd for your house and wait for the house to appear.

Community questions and answers

What if I am not happy with my house? Do I have to do it over and over again?

No, you can easily remodel this part of the house.


  • You can activate cheats in your game by pressing ++ (Windows) or ++ (Mac), typing and pressing. This allows you to enter different cheats that will allow you to access specific items or physics.


  • If you move an item with a cheat, your Sims may no longer be able to use it once the cheats are turned off.