How has gunpowder revolutionized warfare?

Modern WarfareKiller Robots: The technology waiting Not on us

A possible future scenario: When killer machines go to war for us in half a century, soldiers will no longer be necessary. For the military budgets, this would mean that they could save high personnel costs. The new technology is also believed to be much more effective than overtired fighters. Horror scenario or golden age? Experts talk about the "killer robots".

In the beginning there was the drone. It has long been able to autonomously perform individual tasks such as take off, land and fly a loop. But if the unmanned flying object - equipped with a weapon or explosives - is to attack a building or a person, a person still has to decide today and press the right button. Also in the future?

"How does target selection and combat take place? Does an algorithm in a computer system do that or does a human still do it?"
Frank Sauer, political scientist

AI is supposed to make people superfluous in war

Thanks to artificial intelligence, the research laboratories are working flat out to make people as superfluous as possible in war. Instead, biological-technical machine beings should learn to decide for themselves who or what they want to destroy. The person would then be left out.

"Are we talking about something that is similar to human intelligence - only in the automat?"
Jutta Weber, media sociologist

The first preliminary stages are already in place. The USA, Russia, Great Britain, France, Israel, South Korea: all countries that are intensively researching to completely transfer responsibility from people to machines.

"We notice that different express trains are approaching each other."

Answers to further questions are controversial, such as: Can algorithms monitor compliance with martial law better than some people? Russian President Vladimir Putin, for example, has said that anyone who is particularly successful in promoting artificial intelligence in warfare will have the key to world domination at some point. Killer robots are likely to revolutionize warfare at least as much as the gunpowder or atomic bomb once did.

A panel of experts exchanged views on this future topic on July 4th, 2019 at a scientific conference of the "Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society" in Berlin. The title: "Autonomous Weapon Systems: Realities and Imaginations".