Characterless status for WhatsApp in life

WhatsApp advertises itself in status messages - it cannot be switched off

After the fuss about the new terms and conditions, many users are turning their backs on WhatsApp. Now the messenger service is trying to convince those who remain with self-promotion of how important privacy is to the group.

Many users of the WhatsApp messenger service are likely to have wondered about an innovation in the status area in the past few days. Because in addition to the contributions from your own contacts, messages from WhatsApp itself are now also appearing there. In the first posts, the messenger informed users that WhatsApp would now share posts itself in order to inform them about innovations and other topics.

In the first few posts, WhatsApp emphasized that the company takes privacy very seriously. "What is not new, however, is our commitment to your privacy," read one of the posts. WhatsApp further explains to users which data is collected and which is not. WhatsApp cannot read posts because they are encrypted. Some users also reported that the status posts could not be muted, as is the case with all other contacts.

In view of the massive criticism of the planned changes to the terms of use, WhatsApp is apparently trying to convince users to stay with their own advertising. After the company announced the changes to the terms and conditions, many users migrated to competing messengers such as Signal or Telegram.