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Domestic hot water heat pump comparison

How does the domestic water heat pump work?
Domestic hot water heat pumps use existing heat to supply the house with hot water. The heat from the air in the room where the heat pump was installed is used, e.g. from the basement, or it is also connected to a photovoltaic system to heat the domestic water. The domestic water heat pump is intended exclusively for hot water for showering, bathing, washing hands and rinsing, i.e. not for heating the rooms but only for domestic water. How exactly does the domestic water heat pump work? Warm air, e.g. from the basement, is sucked in and heats the coolant circulating in the heat pump. The heat is further compressed by the compressor. The compressed heat is now transferred to the domestic water. The domestic water storage tank can now make the stored heat available to the hot water points in the house. This means that the heating can be switched off in the summer months, as only the heat pump heats the domestic water. We have taken a close look at the following domestic water heat pumps with different performance characteristics for you in comparison. Our comparison reveals which hot water heat pump is right for you. You can find detailed information on each individual model on our “Product details” page. Have fun choosing!