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Making girlfriend happy and surprising: the best tips

11/27/2017 - 10:14 am

How can I make my girlfriend happy and surprise her? That is definitely a question that one or the other time asks in everyday life when you want to surprise your girlfriend and do something good. Even if many people tend to prefer gifts in kind, many women would much rather have more affection and simply spend hours together, because what are gifts in kind if love doesn't work out. We have therefore summarized some tips on how to make your girlfriend happy on this page, which may help you in your search. Especially when both of them have a stressful everyday life and mostly everything has to go quickly and you only see each other for a few hours in the evening, the question arises how you can find each other better again so that at some point you don't get that far and you have grown apart. There is such a saying, as one calls into the forest, it also echoes out again. So if you do something good for your girlfriend, then you will definitely get it back from her. In addition to some keyword-like tips for this topic, you will also find some information below on how you can plan a surprise without any money or other gifts or objects.

Tips: This is how you make your girlfriend happy

The best tips to make girlfriend happy

Let's start with the bullet-point tips and tricks on how to make your girlfriend and women generally happy. Of course, these are all general tips, so you should always focus them a little on your own girlfriend and your character. What one woman likes does not mean that it is all possible at the same time. Therefore, consider beforehand whether this applies and fits your loved one.

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Treat your girlfriend properly and with dignity

First of all, the most important thing is to treat your girlfriend properly and with dignity, because that is the basis of a good relationship. Therefore, you should by no means be too restrictive in any way and should definitely be trusted. There is nothing worse than being too jealous and everyone who has had experience with it knows what we are talking about. Therefore, always treat your girlfriend exactly as you would like to be treated. A little bit of freedom can be good for the relationship, especially in the longer term, and is by no means bad. The same goes for avoiding embarrassing situations. There is nothing worse than embarrassing your girlfriend with friends or the company of other people and maybe pissing you off. Even if you can joke a little, you shouldn't overdo it, especially not when many people you know are around. Most of the time they don't like that at all.

Tell her how much you love her

Especially when the relationship has been going on for a while, then the fire and butterflies in your stomach will go out over time. Therefore, you should not only treat her properly and with dignity, but also regularly share how much you love her. This can be done either through a small personal surprise or simply through words. This includes, for example, a simple "I love you" or the statement how much your girlfriend makes you happy and what she means to you. Of course, you shouldn't always hang it up and point it out in every second Facebook message, but women do like it when the man says how important you are to yourself and how great your love is. For example, I would also like to compliment you on your appearance, but also on your performance, your great sense of humor and your manner in general.

Show affection

Not only warm words but also gentle touches give the wife and girlfriend the feeling that they are loved and that they are something special. That is why you should simply be hugged or kissed in an unplanned manner in everyday life. Or you will certainly like a simple hug in everyday life. You should only make sure that you don't get turned on immediately but simply show a little physical affection. Therefore, always pay attention to respectful and gentle touch, which is for example a short hug or just a short kiss. This will make your girlfriend feel well cared for and protected.

Make girlfriend happy: Allow the necessary freedom

As already written above, you should give your girlfriend the necessary freedom and not immediately react jealously if she plans to go out alone with your girlfriends in the evening. You can also use this situation yourself and, for example, do something yourself with friends. If possible, it shouldn't be in the same disco straight away, because after all, after a few minutes of separation at a ladies' evening or a men's evening, you don't want to run into each other again immediately.

Be caring and romantic

Not only in life, but also in love and relationships, the little things often count a lot. Therefore, be not only romantic but also caring. Surprise your girlfriend with a spontaneous dinner by romantic candlelight or take her for a walk at dusk and maybe stop off at a small restaurant or just spend a little time in the park. But also small, caring things such as opening the door, borrowing a jacket in the cold or a little surprise such as a Blueme or another gift will make your friend happy, we are sure of that. It doesn't always have to be the big and expensive gifts, because it's often the little things that make all the difference in life.

Put your girlfriend first, then you come

Show your girlfriend how important she is to you and how great the love you are. Therefore, you should always put your loved ones first, who not only include your girlfriend but also your parents or, for example, your siblings. Show selfless love and try to pull yourself together even in difficult times or stress. Furthermore, you should make your girlfriend happy and therefore not ignore them in some situations or even appear repulsive by making certain statements that one would sometimes like to say. Also make sure that you spend enough time with your girlfriend and maybe postpone other and less important dates. Every woman looks forward to a romantic evening with togetherness and tenderness. Especially when you have a lot on your mind, you should just take a few hours a day or days a month off, when only your girlfriend is on it.

Making girlfriend happy: ideas and tips

Below we have listed some general ideas and tips with which you can make and surprise your girlfriend. Of course, the information and tips listed above also apply.

  • Always be kind, attentive, and caring. Even if it is sometimes difficult in everyday life and you have a thousand other things in your head, just not the little problems of your girlfriend. Try to collect yourself and always answer in a friendly manner, by the way, this does not only apply to your girlfriend but also to other people around you.
  • Tell your friend how important she is to you and how much you love her. Perhaps combine this with small gifts or attentions such as a bush of flowers or other small personal gifts.
  • Don't push too hard on certain topics and give her some space.
  • Don't be too jealous if you want to go out and spend an evening with your friends. The keyword is trust.
  • Make her compliments and praise not only your appearance but also other achievements such as at school, at work or in general in everyday life.
  • Be helpful and keep showing little affection. Hug her when you get the chance or go for a walk with her and just hang out with her. This is how you make your girlfriend happy.
  • Stand behind your opinion as behind yours. Especially when you are in a group of friends and discussing certain things, you should always stand behind her and not laugh at sensitive topics. That doesn't make her feel good and one often feels offended.
  • And most importantly, spend a lot of time with her and plan this time when you have a lot on your mind.

These were some tips you can use to make your girlfriend happy. There are, of course, many more options, so these were just a few important issues in this area. How do you make your girlfriend happy and do you surprise her in everyday life? If you have any other good tips, please let us know using the comments function on this page.