Gtel x2 how to open the solution

Complete solution X2 threat

Fly towards the gate on the right. The headquarters of the TerraCorp can be found nearby. Another tip to better find places: When a large part of the sector has been explored, you can call up the map with the dot button. Most places can then be clicked on with the cursor. If you now press the T key, you mark the place as a destination. So you don't have to constantly look at the map, but can simply fly to the destination on your radar.

Ships and stations will contact you when you are within communication range. You answer with the C key and can now dock with the TerraCorp. Just follow the green arrows. After landing, speak to Elena Kho first. She has an assignment for you, so you sit back in the spaceship and fly south. There you go over the gate to the ore belt.

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