What is not scientific research method

Difference between research method and research methodology

Research can be understood as the systematic and rigorous search for appropriate information on a particular topic. This includes speaking out the problem, developing a hypothesis, collecting and analyzing data, and drawing conclusions based on the facts and data gathered. That's what the Researcher research methods in the course of his research.

The research methods are often used with the Research methodology confuses what the scientific analysis of the research methods implies in order to find a solution to the problem at hand. It therefore seems appropriate to clarify the differences between research method and research method at this point.

Comparison table

Basis of comparisonInvestigation methodResearch methodology
importanceThe research method includes the methods that the researcher uses to conduct research.Research methodology is a way to efficiently solve research problems.
What is it?Behavior and instrument in the selection and construction of research technology.Science of understanding how research is methodically done.
IncludesConduct experiment, test, survey, etc.Study different techniques that can be used to conduct experiments, tests, surveys, etc.
Consist ofVarious examination techniques.Overall strategy for target achievement.
Goal settingFind solution to research problem.Use proper procedures to find solutions.

Definition of the research method

The research method refers to all of the methods that a researcher uses to conduct a research process in order to solve the given problem. The techniques and procedures used while studying research problems are known as the research method. It includes both qualitative and quantitative methods for conducting research such as surveys, case studies, interviews, questionnaires, observations, etc.

These are the approaches that help in collecting data and doing research to achieve specific goals like theory test or development. All tools and behaviors that are used at different levels of research, e.g. B. making observations, data collection, data processing, drawing conclusions, making decisions, etc. are included. Research methods are divided into three categories:

  • First category : The methods of data collection are dealt with. Such methods are used when the existing data is insufficient to reach the solution.
  • Second category: Includes analyzing data, that is, identifying patterns and establishing a relationship between data and unknowns.
  • Third category : Contains the methods used to verify the accuracy of the results obtained.

Definition of the research methodology

Research method, as the name suggests, is the study of methods to solve the research problem. It is the science of learning how research should be done systematically. It refers to the rigorous analysis of the methods used in the research flow to ensure that the conclusions are also valid, reliable and credible.

The researcher provides an overview of the various steps he has taken in understanding the problem, as well as the logic underlying the researcher's methods throughout the study. It also explains the reason for using a particular method or technique, but not another, so that the results obtained can be assessed either by the researcher or by another party.

Main differences between research method and research methodology

The differences between research method and research method can be clearly identified for the following reasons:

  1. The research method is defined as the process or technique that the researcher uses to carry out research. On the other hand, the research methodology is a system of methods that is used scientifically to solve the research problem.
  2. The research method is nothing more than the behavior or tool used to select and build research techniques. Conversely, research methodology implies the science of analysis, the manner in which research is appropriately conducted.
  3. The research method is concerned with conducting experiments, tests, surveys, interviews, etc. In contrast, the research methodology is concerned with learning various techniques that can be used in conducting experiments, tests or surveys.
  4. The research method includes various investigation techniques. Unlike the research methodology, which consists of a complete approach geared towards achieving the purpose.
  5. The research method intends to find the solution to the problem. In contrast to this, the research methodology aims to apply suitable procedures to identify solutions.


The scope of the research methodology is greater than that of the research method, since the latter is part of the former. In order to thoroughly understand the research problem, the researcher should know the research method along with the methods.

In short, the research method refers to the technique by which the nature of the world that surrounds us can be explored. On the contrary, the research methodology is the foundation that helps us understand the determinants that affect the effectiveness of the methods used.