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World Handicap System - briefly explained

New handicap rules 2021

Worldwide, the six different handicap systems are currently being combined into a uniformly applicable World Handicap System. Although each of the handicap systems is only intended to express the skill of a golfer, some of these systems differ very significantly. In times of globalization, more and more golfers are traveling to other countries. Golf tourism is booming and both Germans and golfers from other nations play internationally on all continents. In order to guarantee handicap management according to uniform rules and also to ensure fair play internationally to ensure placements in the net ratings, the best aspects from all six currently applicable systems have been adopted and standardized. The new World Handicap System also contains many regulations that we are already familiar with from the EGA system of handicaps.

What remains?

Unchanged for us, handicaps will continue to be used up to a maximum handicap of 54. This was a requirement of the EGA (European Golf Association), since otherwise many golfers in Europe would no longer have had a handicap. It was also very important for us that the individual national associations can continue to decide whether the increase in a handicap can be stopped at a certain value. This value will remain unchanged in Germany at 26.5. Above 26.5, a golfer can only play down. There is no automatic promotion in this area unless requested by the player.

The calculation of handicaps on the basis of the already known course rating, i.e. with the help of the course rating and slope values, remains unchanged for us. As usual, the individual handicap is determined depending on the tee, handicap and player, which in future will only be called "Course Handicap" or "Playing Handicap". In addition, the handicap rounds over nine holes that have become very popular can still be played.

Already today there is the possibility to play target-effective rounds outside of tournaments as an extra day score or EDS round. This regulation also remains in place. Here only the name changes to â € œregistered private roundâ €. Other private rounds, i.e. all rounds not previously registered, will still not be used to calculate the handicaps.

The game formats that are used to calculate the handicap remain unchanged. In the World Handicap System, only single counting games, the Stableford counting game, the maximum score and the very seldom played par or bogey games are effective.

What's new?

However, there will also be some innovations in store for us. The calculation method will initially be particularly unusual. While the specifications have so far been updated on the basis of Stableford net points, the future handicap index will be recalculated on the basis of the score differentials after each round. The Score Differential enables the comparability of the results that were achieved on different courses and describes the difference between the evaluated result and the course rating, taking into account the slope rating. For this purpose, the best eight of the last twenty handicap-relevant results are assessed. The average is only determined from these eight results.

This means that the previously used target classes with buffer zones and increase and decrease multiples are no longer applicable. They are no longer required for the new average calculation. Since there will no longer be any different handicap classes, the restrictions of the previous handicap class 1 no longer apply. In the World Handicap System, players with a handicap index of 4.4 or better can play handicap-relevant private rounds and play on 9- Participate holes tournaments, as it had already been made possible for the current season due to the special circumstances.

Another important innovation for us is that from 2021 all single counting tournaments will always be handicap-relevant during the game season. From May to September, game organizers no longer have the choice to advertise a scoring tournament as "not effective". However, since only the eight best of the last twenty results of a player are used to calculate the handicap index, the poorer twelve rounds do not initially affect the handicap index. Only if the results are consistently higher will the handicap index increase again according to the actual playing strength. Non-handicap-relevant tournaments are possible during the playing season in formats that cannot be used for handicap calculation, such as foursome or scrambles.

In the World Handicap System, a player's master sheet contains the last twenty results in chronological order. As before, the last result achieved is at the top, the oldest result at the bottom of the master sheet. According to the new procedure, the best eight of the results are determined and only from these the World Handicap Index is calculated. As soon as a new result is achieved, it appears first in the master sheet, the previous 20th result becomes the 21st and is not applicable.

For many players, the master sheet currently contains fewer than twenty results. In this case, the handicap indices are also determined from less than twenty results according to the following table:


The conversion

The conversion (one-time "conversion") of the previous EGA specification into the new handicap index is carried out using the same procedure. The calculation for this is based solely on the results achieved in the last four years, which are effective as guidelines, as this is the only way to reflect the current level of play. The conversion will be carried out by the DGV at the end of November 2020.

The most important thing for gamers

The handicap is an expression of a golfer's playing potential. The more results a player achieves, the more precisely the handicap index reflects the current level of play. This is the only way to ensure fair play in the game for net placements in tournaments.

With the change to the World Handicap System, the previous EGA requirement loses its validity and is replaced by the new handicap index. As a result of the recalculation during the conversion, it is very likely that the value of the new handicap index will deviate from that of the EGA specification previously used. Only players who have not achieved any effective results in the last four years will receive the handicap index as the first entry in the master sheet in the same amount. Only after a few new results does the handicap index of these players reflect their actual playing strength. Within Germany, the results achieved after handicap-relevant laps are automatically recorded by the home club or the external, host golf course. Players only need to report results achieved abroad to their home club.

Otherwise, the same applies to all players: Play! Have fun Enjoy your rounds! And achieve as many handicap-relevant results as possible. Your handicap index is automatically calculated for you by the software.

Innovations in brief

EGA specification system (previously)World Handicap System (new)
EGA requirement(World) handicap index
EffectiveHandicap relevant
Specifications updateAverage calculation of the handicap
Streak hole (too many strokes)Evaluated gross result (i.e. evaluation of a maximum number of strokes)
Specification classes / buffer zones----
Basis: Stableford net pointsBasis: Score differential
EDS rounds only for handicap classes 2 - 6pre-registered private rounds for all players
9 holes only effective for target classes 2 - 6Handicap-relevant private rounds for all players
Handicap tournaments or tournaments that do not apply to handicaps

All single counting game formats are handicap-relevant in the season

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