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Info line + 49 8821 95010or + 49 38826 8290


We offer you attractive popcorn packaging, drink cups, premiums and ... more info

Technical service

At PCO not only will you find a wide selection of equipment for ... more info

Convention dates

Visit us at a convention - we already look forward to speaking with ... more info

Private label

Either with your logo, company name or in your completely personal ... more info

PCO Group

PCO is an internationally active company working with snack foods, and is also a reliable partner for theaters, retail and the food industry. // more info


From our operating locations in Europe we supply our customers on every continent. In Europe usually within a delivery time of just 1-3 days. // more info

Our products

At PCO you will find everything relating to popcorn, nachos, nacho dips, slushy, sweets - such as Pick & Mix or candy floss - and snacks. // more info

Our customers do not just receive products, but also solutions oriented to their individual requirements. That is why our nachos and dips are available in a wide variety of trays and boxes if there is little room for sales space - ideal for kiosks, small petrol stations and video stores, etc. The products can also be delivered as displays for larger sales areas (supermarkets, drink markets, large petrol stations, etc.). Theaters or restaurants receive bulk packages from us with nachos and dips, nacho heaters, dip dispensers, nacho trays and all equipment.


Popcorn: Popcorn corn, popcorn bags, popcorn machines, toffee popcorn, microwavable popcorn

Nachos: Nachos, nacho dips, nacho trays, nacho heaters, dip dispensers, jalapeƱo peppers

Slushy: Slushy syrup, slushy cups, slushy horns, slushy machines, advertising materials for slushies

Sweets & snacks: Popcorn, nachos & dips, Pick & Mix, Confectionery, Movie Mix, candy floss

Drink cups & equipment: Drinking cups with film designs, Coca-Cola cups, Pepsi cups, straws
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