How to build a Lakota sweat lodge

Project 1: Build a sweat lodge yourself!

To escape today's technocrats and highly civilized society, a need to indulge ever larger masses, you can try different things, this time we tested the sweat lodge.

A sweat lodge is a kind of natural sauna without electricity that can be built or set up pretty much anywhere, and is simply more than (just) an afternoon in the sauna!

You can always go to the sauna and build a sweat lodge, although the right tickle can of course be felt most in colder weather! And the old, tired bones crack from the cold.

First of all, of course, preparations have to be made - there is enough firewood, field stones (maybe your neighbor has some lying around in the garden), blankets, drinks and material for scaffolding in the form of poles, strings, etc.
Various experiments have shown that it is best to go on a material tour with a closed body at the beginning and then to light a fire to warm the stones, which will eventually heat us up later
We built the scaffolding out of wood and rammed the main stakes into the ground
The whole thing was stabilized with small cross bars and connected with strings.
How you build the scaffolding, whether you use a tree trunk, or tent poles, or build a deep pit, is your thing (send a picture)
Of course, when building, you have to pay attention to the number of participating test persons, if then everyone should fit in because together it is also the most fun!
Now you have to cover the scaffolding with blankets, cloths and furs? etc. cover.
Make sure that the ceilings cover the scaffolding as completely as possible and there should be several ceilings on top of each other
In the picture you can see that we used a wallpaper tarpaulin for our test setup, but when evaluating the logs we came to the conclusion that this moisture barrier can be dispensed with.
After you have finished with the hut, the stones should also be ready, about 2 hours in the fire should be enough. We put them in a small grill to be able to transport them better, but you can also do without, for example. with a shovel or something similar.
Now it's time to put the stones in and after a 1/4 hour jump afterwards, with us it was enough for two rounds, beer infusions sting in the eyes so take some water with you and after about 15 minutes out and cool off. Gorgeous !!

An attempt by WB13 "Experiments without fear of life and limb", sponsored by the "grauzone" magazine for subtle intellectual outpourings!