How does Halotracker Trueskill work

Leaderboards Matchmaking FAQ

What is the difference between ranked and casual?
Ranked is a system that evaluates and determines the rank based on the player's skills and finds players and teams with a similar level. The HUD is more limited than the casual one, and you can choose the spawns and destinations as part of your strategy.
Casual is a great place to practice without any pressure with a large number of different levels, but every single game counts in the ranking list.

Does the casual game affect rank?

No and never will.
We measure the player's skill in casual, but the skill rating is hidden and is only used for matchmaking and is separate from your ranking lists. Casual is for playing and experimenting without pressure.

How does the rating system work?

The Rainbow Six Siege rating system is based on the Trueskill algorithm. It is a further development of the ELO / Glicko rating system (ELO and Glicko were developed for 1v1 games such as chess) and works better for multiplayer games.
Your rating rank is initially calculated after 5 games using your rating rank (the MU variable for math freaks). It will then be updated after every ranked game you play.

Your skill rank is specific to the region you are playing in (Europe, North America, Asia, etc.). Players from different regions almost never play against each other and because your skill is not an absolute criterion, but a relative one (it does not tell you exactly how good you are - just whether you are better or worse than another player), the ranks cannot be directly compared with each other in different regions (RTS and MOBA players call this the "Korean bronze" effect).

This means that if you move to the other side of the world, you have to go through your placement games and find out how good you are compared to the other players in your new region.

What are the ranks I can reach?

There are currently 20 rank levels that you can reach. Copper, bronze, silver and gold grades I-IV, platinum grades I-III, and diamond.

Why do I play against players with higher and lower skill levels?

Our rank matchmaking tries to find players who have roughly the same skill level. At the moment our matchmaking system is very broad, so you can play with players who are above or below your rank. We programmed it as one of the many measures we took after the results of the closed beta to improve matchmaking times. The player base will continue to grow, more players will compete against each other in the ranked games and we will make the matchmaking criteria in the rankings stricter.

What changes the rank? Which parameters are included?

Exactly two things:

• The relative skill level of players / teams in the game.
• Whether the team won the game or not.

KDA doesn't count. Your result doesn't count. Rainbow Six is ​​a team based game and as such it is only your ability to win as a team that counts and that determines whether you are a good R6S player or not.
In addition, there should be a big difference in the skill level between the two teams and the result of the team is what the system expects, then the skill changes will be minimal (if no bronze team loses against a gold team, this is not surprising and the skill -Level will hardly change - but if the bronze team wins, that's a completely different story).

However, there is one exception: if you leave a ranked game (be it you quit the game, are not at the computer or get kicked out) it will be counted as a defeat, even if your team wins.

“If the game servers crash or you see others disconnected while you are playing leaderboard, the intent is that you never get a penalty or lose a rank. We are aware of the bugs that are still causing this issue for some players and are working on a fix in a future update. "

What's in development?

In addition to the matchmaking update mentioned above (this should ensure more balanced games and a better gaming experience for everyone) and the standard bug fixes, we are also closely monitoring what is happening in the game and are working on the following:
• Attempt to matchmaking pre-made groups against pre-made groups: our system takes more pre-made groups into account than individual players who play alone, but ideally we want the same number of pre-made groups on each side of a game. A pre-made 5 man has a huge communication advantage over 5 random people in a group and instead of using this as an advantage we would rather that you play against another pre-made group of 5 players.

• Reduce the dynamics in unbalanced matches: Playing against the expectations of the system (e.g. a bronze team wins against a platinum team) results in a big rise in rank for all players involved. We optimize values ​​to smooth the curve. It would be ideal if you never win or lose more than 1 rank, except of course in special circumstances.

• Size of the division: at the moment it is relatively easy to get through the middle divisions, and much more difficult to reach the extreme end of the spectrum. We will try to balance this out better in the future.