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Long live the Leberkäse! 550928

Sure, one has also had bad ones in one's life, ones after which one was suddenly aware of the whole horror of this feeding, of this impossible meat dough, of which even the good Lord literally does not know what is in it. But you forget that again, at the latest with the next but one roll, when everything is right again, where the breadth and the overlapping, rosy slice are exactly in the right proportion, namely so that you get crust, meat, bread and a dollop of mustard with the first bite . Then this roll is again the reliable constant, the small concert pitch of Bavarian hand food. The loaf of meat is much more popular with Munich residents than the veal sausage, which is more legendary and makes a fuss about itself, but is much more elaborate and somehow smaller, with its wheat beer-pretzel-zuzel folklore. For them you need a free morning in the calendar. A well-packed meat loaf, on the other hand, that does not overlap too much, does not have a too crispy bread roll as a matrix and not too much mustard, that is a stable taste unit that doesn’t matter, an aerodynamic design classic that, if necessary, in the coat pocket and in Glove box fits. You can't do that with a bratwurst roll and also not with the currywurst, which the Ruhr area and Berlin can argue about. The Leberkässemmel is mobile, in contrast to the kebab, it is even somewhat compatible with trams and the collateral damage during consumption is limited, a napkin is enough. The experienced eater doesn't need any because he has the bread roll.