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Then watch the President of the United States pronounces him.
Steinmeier has delivered a clever piece here that allows the concept of subhuman to arise in the mind of the reader without him himself pronounces him.
Steinmeier has produced a masterpiece of vicious propaganda, which puts the idea of ​​the Untermensch in the head of the reader, without ever mentioning it himself.
The report, which I have sent to numerous theater institutions in my country, has generated interest, and we are excited to see how it will be voted on tomorrow and who will oppose it pronounces him.
I have to say that the report, which I made a point of sending to numerous theatrical agencies in Greece, has excited a great deal of interest and they are waiting to see how tomorrow's vote goes and who votes against it.
That he engaged Park, played by Shim Eun-kyung ("Psychokinesis"), for his election campaign, although she initially opposed himself at an event pronounces him, also shows that he wants to improve his politics.
The fact that he employs Park, played by Shim Eun-kyung ("Psychokinesis"), for his campaign, even though initially she speaks out against him at one of his events, shows that he wants to improve his politics.
The speech recognition user profile stores information about how a person speaks and words pronounces.
The speech recognition user profile stores information about how an individual speaks and pronounces words.
I therefore request that our Parliament vote in favor of postponing the vote pronounces.
I therefore call upon Parliament to postpone the vote.
Before the member state provisional recognition pronounces, he informs the Commission of his intention and the financial implications.
Before granting preliminary recognition, Member States shall inform the Commission of their intentions and the financial implications thereof.
Jo Leinen, chairman of the AFCO committee, opposed it pronounces.
Jo Leinen, chairman of the AFCO Committee, who spoke against the request.
Jan Andersson (rapporteur), who opposed this request pronounces.
Ignasi Guardans Cambó, who opposed the proposal pronounces.
Furthermore, the Commission does not react to a candidate country publicly opposing European interests pronounces.
The Commission also fails to answer the question on the fact that an applicant country publicly speaks out against European interests.
It shows that half of the respondents are against immigration pronounces.
This indicated that half the respondents were opposed to immigration.
Given the occasion, I request that the community clearly oppose this building project pronounces.
I should like to take this opportunity to call on the community to firmly oppose this construction project.
I am delighted that Parliament’s report supports it as well pronounces.
It should be recalled that Parliament approved the amended Commission proposal pronounces.
Please tell me how to use this word pronounces.
If this Parliament trust your Commission pronounces, you have won.
If this Parliament voices its confidence in your Commission, then you will have won.
This requires that the region clearly advocate political, economic and social reforms pronounces.
This requires that the region speak out clearly in favor of political, economic and social reform.
The President added that the Conference of Presidents Bronisław Geremek expressed their condolences and solidarity pronounces.
The President added that at that meeting, the Conference of Presidents had expressed its sympathy for and solidarity with Mr. Geremek.
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