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Convert lbs weight to kilograms

If you only have the weight in lbs. For one thing, but want to know how many kilograms that is, then you need the right rate for converting units of measurement.

In America and also in some European countries, weight is not given in grams or kilograms, but in lbs. If you only have this unit of weight available, but want to know how much that is in kilograms, then you can easily do this with the right conversion rate.

Conversion options for lbs weight information in kilograms

The first thing you need to know is that one lb. Corresponds to 0.4530 grams. One kilogram is therefore 2.2046 lbs.

  • If you now have a weight of 8.36 lbs. you can easily convert this information into kilograms. To do this, take your pocket calculator or the calculator on your PC and calculate 8.36: 2.2046. The result is 3.79027 (rounded to the fifth place after the decimal point). This is now the kilogram. 8.36 lbs. so are 3.79027 kg.
  • It works the other way around, of course. The weight of the British pound is just under the 500 grams of the German pound and is 453.592370 grams, so one kilogram could be converted into about 2.204622622 lb.
  • If you have an indication of 4.37 kilograms and want to know how many lbs. that is, then you calculate 4.37 x 2.2046. The result is 9.634102. So you have calculated that 4.37 kilograms 9,634102 lbs. correspond.

Depending on how precisely you need the information for your job or for private matters, you can of course round up or down the digits after the decimal point.

The English-American pound is an ancient measure of weight

  • While the pound weight measure was determined quite late in this country, namely in 1854, to be exactly 500 grams, nowadays it is mostly only used in everyday language and is no longer officially used.
  • With the abbreviation lb, the pound is still noticed in the Anglo-American region today.
  • You can sometimes find the weight measurement lb on weight plates in this country too. As a unit, it is emblazoned on the panes along with the kilogram.

Additional author: Leon Schwarz

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