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Hats & Boots and Accessories. Australian Style / Australian Made. Proven outdoor articles for hikers and farmers. Comfortable, durable and useful.

Almost 30 years We have enjoyed trading Australian goods for a long time. It started in 1992 on Ostertorsteinweg in the Bremen district. At first only retail in the shop, then wholesale and mail order were added. Over the years we have done a lot of pioneering work and today we trade throughout Europe.


AKUBRA HATS 'On Top Down Under'

The world famous outback hats from Australia. Here you can find our Akubra Hat assortment. Akubra Hat styles in sizes from 51-64cm. Country styles: Coober Pedy, Cattleman, Leisure Time, Exeter, Snowy River. Classic styles: Avalon, Traveler. We carry Akubra hats in wholesale and retail.


RM WILLIAMS 'The Bushmans Outfitter'

R.M.Williams is known for fine leather boots and moleskin jeans. You can find the RMW bestsellers with us: Craftsman Dress Boots, Gardener Work Boots, Khancoban Riding Boots and matching leather belts. With a lot of tradition and craftsmanship, RM Williams boots are still manufactured in Adelaide / South Australia today.

REDBACK BOOTS 'The 100% Australian Boot Company'

The boots with the Redback Spider Logo are made in Sydney / Australia. In contrast to the venomous redback spiders, they are Redback Boots extremely popular in Australia. In the USA and Europe too, the Redback Boot Company Your dealer networks are already excited - up to us in Lilienthal. Redback boots are perfect for life in the country. Real Aussie Farm & Country Boots. We carry Redback Boots in wholesale and retail.

BLUNDSTONE FOOTWEAR 'Australian since 1870'

Blundstone Boots - also affectionately called blunnies - are real "no nonsense, go anywhere, do anything" boots. The company is based in Hobart, Tasmania / Australia. We perform for you Blundstone Classic Styles 500/510, Comfort Styles 550 and 585. We carry Blundstone Boots beautiful for over 25 years.

BC LEATHER HATS 'The Original & Simply The Best'

Bill Conner has made leather hats in Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia since 1969. Bill's BacPac Leather hats are real Aussie originals. Wholesale and retail.

BARMAH HATS 'The Original Hat in a Bag'

Leather and oilskin hats for travel and adventure. Made in Melbourne. Barmah 'Squashy' hats can be crumpled and take up little space in your rucksack or luggage. Faithful companion in sun and rain. Wholesale and retail.


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