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Guide: Melee Ninja Skill Guide

Guide: Melee Ninja Skill Guide
This guide was written by an individual user or a group and expresses their opinion on the subject. This guide is only meant to be a help. Different views may prevail, especially with skill guides, but these cannot be taken into account.

The melee ninja


As a ninja you first have to VIT and DEX bring it to 90. VIT as more universal Defense and TP status makes that you can take damage.
DEX is with the ninja for the Skill Damage responsible, the normal impact damage only slightly increased becomes. It also brings an increased Evasive value (At 90 DEX the evasion value is 30, which does 30% less damage.)

The Ratio varies greatly depending on the equipment. Basically you should more DEX Skillen, where many say 10 DEX more than VIT be optimal. However, if you have good equipment (with a lot of TP bonuses), from a certain level (e.g. 18 or 26) it is more advantageous to learn more on DEX. As mentioned, DEX increases the evasion value (3 points DEX => 1% less damage), therefore brings both in attack and defensesomething.
So it is better to have a DEX: VIT ratio of 2: 1 or even 3: 1 with good equipment].
If you go to the 3rd status in the mid-50s, it doesn't matter anyway ^^. This is then optimally STR - for more impact damage on the ground (you only get the military horse STR bonus at about Lvl 75) and better damage to damage skills.


In general, of course, again Master skills on 17 and read FB's diligently, since no one can take your skills away from you.

I think there is no PvP or PvM skill at NahNinja, but only Low and high skill levelsas the ninja only DMG skills (damage skills) except camouflage, which only makes sense in the high and Poison cloud which only makes sense in low.
Lightning attack only gets really good with STR skill from mid-50s. Camouflage gives you a passive lightning attack bonus. You also get an (active) bonus for a camouflaged ambush. Poison Cloud is good in the lowlvl as it does more magic damage and the chance of being poisoned is good. In the highlvl you can get a "permanent" chance of poisoning in your equip (mostly in the helmet), which poisons at least as often as poison cloud, which only poisons about every third attempt. In addition, the damage from poison cloud e.g. not dependent on the weaponwhich leaves them far behind the lightning attack in the high (e.g. with powerful dragon knives).

At the beginning it is advisable to set 1 point on epee vertebrae in addition to ambush.
Optionally, you can also bet 1 point on camouflage, e.g. after the 2nd master (for PvP).

Low skill:

  • Ambush
  • Epee vortex / poison cloud
  • Poison cloud / sword vortex

Up to Lvl 54 you can put 1 point each on lightning attack and camouflage. With Lvl54 you can put on all important equipments.

High skill:

  • Ambush
  • Epee vertebrae
  • Lightning attack
  • camouflage
  • Poison cloud

Therefore you have to decide what you are for Ambitions have: you want only up to Lvl54 play and then have fun with a guild, or do you want one Pull through to Lvl 70.

The Justification for the order of the DMG skills: Ambush has a shorter cooldown than Swirls and is irreplaceable when leveling up to fighting horse. Lightning attack only gets really good with STR skill.

Note on PvP:
The ninja is very demanding to act in PvP. He has a short range with daggers. But there are two tricks you can use to get a lot out of it:

  • Ambush with camouflage in the back
  • Epee roll directly when the opponent is thrown away (or when you are thrown away yourself) can hit up to 3 times

An optimal skill sequence could be: camouflage, ambush in the back, while the opponent lies down until he is knocked away, directly while hurling away the sword roll (up to 3 times damage with chance of being poisoned), lightning attack and then an ambush should be possible again with a good return stone be or your opponent dead or you yourself dead (the latter unlikely ^^). However, being able to set such a skill series is very difficult and requires a lot of practice. Especially when you use camouflage, many opponents run away.

Military horse skills

Isn't that easy to say as the effect is not shown. In any case it is Tamper nice to paralyze something (whether enemy players or mobs who want to run away ^^).
Power wave is to the lvln, but does not do much damage.
Fight on horseback comes in handy to break out of mob piles.
The ninja still has Rain of arrows as military horse skills, which is also nice in guild wars or at Lvln.
Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to master all 4 skills. However, if you really want to (although it makes little sense) you have to score the 3rd and 4th masters "read out" and only then master the skills.
As a basis you should bring everything to 1, pulling it up doesn't matter very much, so rather read skill books.


Ninja is the one due to the high damage of the bow best transformation class. However, you should think twice about whether you really want to use this advantage, because It only makes sense from around the "grandmaster level" and is really effective with the "perfect master". Once you have achieved this, you can use a good metamorphosis ball (wild devotee or spider) Kill bosses and better lvln too. But it is a expensive fun, because not only the FB's cost a lot of money, but also the metamorphosis balls. And as already mentioned, it is not worth reading a book from time to time. But if you want the perfect ninja, you can't avoid making use of this advantage.

Weapon choice

As a ninja one should take advantage of the weapon choice:


Daggers do not much shock damage, but combined with DMG skills and DEX skills, they are extremely good, and you can hit faster, but with a short range, which they useless on the KG makes. Because they are only good with skills are recommended Return stone to shorten the cooldown. As Lvl65 you should choose Dragon knife decide, since the increased attack speed with lightning knives is insignificant, but the damage of the dragon knives is much higher.
One should pay attention to:
PvP: Lots of VCS, return and breakthrough stone (especially increases impact damage - against attacked opponents), death blow (increases especially skill damage) or race stone
PvM: a lot of DSS, return and death push stone

One-handed weapon

Only makes sense on combat horse or military horse, as she does around 33% less damage in skills (except for epee roll).
One should pay attention to:
PvM: a lot of DSS, monster and killing stone


Is primarily used for Pulling used by mobs. However, a good bow is very good thanks to the high damage and constant fire, with a good transformation level, to kill bosses. For the same reasons, he can do very well at the Horse quests 12-20] can be used.
One should pay attention to:
PvM: a lot of damage or a lot of DSS, death blast and monster stone, poisoning bonus is also very helpful (but can also be accommodated well in the helmet)
As soon as one KG (fighting horse) has, I would with the lvln. But it always depends Where man lvlt. It is also good in the Lowlvl (up to 55) with daggers and in the high (from lvl 70) it can also make sense to lvln from the floor, as you have caught up the STR bonus from the horse and are as strong on the floor as on Milligaul. Everyone has to try out what suits them on the basis of their equip.
Of course, it doesn't hurt even with the KG to chase a skill into the mob heap ^^.



Azure suit - ranges from +4 to +6 to level 18. This can be picked up as a Speedrüssi (haste +2 to +4)
Scarlet suit - goes up to lvl 34 (+6 to +7) or even to lvl42 (+8 to +9)
Fuchsia suit - is the next "must have"; unless you have a good Rüssi and already have a good black wind suit in stock.
It doesn't matter which Rüssi you wear until then, you can also do it with a ninja suit + 6. If you are in a hurry, get +9.
Black wind suit - indispensable in the high-level area
Stones: 1. Stone of Haste 2. Stone of Protection 3. Stone of Dodge


Battle Shield - ranges from +4 to +6 to level 21 and from +7 to +9 to level 41
Pentagonal shield - at +8 to +9 you can keep it up to level 61
Black round shield - at +6 it goes up to level 61
Falcon shield; Lion edge shield; Tiger shield, dragon scale shield - bring significantly more Def than the other shields from +7. From level 70 best +9 (153 Def)


Leather hood - upgrade to +4 to +6
Chain hood - you can keep +7 to +9 the whole Metin2 life
Steel hood - does not bring much in relation to the up-costs. If you can't help it, you can also get a +9 here. DT-Schmied sends its regards in the high-level area.
Poison bonus on the helmet makes poison cloud finally superfluous


Silver bracelet - In the low range +7 to +8; with good bonuses it can also be worn in the high range +9.
White gold bracelet - in the high +7 to +9
PvM: crystal bracelet for TP-Reg (at least +6)
PvP: Heavenly Tear Bracelet


Ebony earrings - the best earrings at +7 to +9
Crystal earrings - with bonuses and other TP equipment an alternative for the smaller budget


Jade necklace - wearable in the low range
PvM: Amethyst necklace because of TP-Reg (at least +6)
PvP: Heavenly tear necklace because of breakthrough


Leather boots - useful in PvM
Bronze shoes - because of poison resistance
Jade shoes - because of EXP bonus
Ecstasy shoes - in PvP because of ZG
Phoenix shoes - in PvP and for a small number of monster groups
Firebird shoes - for large numbers of groups of monsters (e.g. demon tower)

General - bonuses

PvM: TP-Reg, Krit, DSS, DEF +, Exp + and Stark gg Monster
PvP: TP +, magic speed, Krit, DB, evasion, VCS, poison, immune, DEX and above all class def (Halbis, Magiedef, 61er-Schilde, Schwertdef, etc)

Disadvantages and advantages of the ninja


  • can pull
  • he has 3 weapons - hence versatile
  • Has 4 damage skills - i.e. fast duels, lots of fun (don't have to watch out for buffs)
  • PvP from the 3rd master onwards, very good
  • next to the bow ninja the best transformation class (because of bow)
  • 4 instead of 3 military horse skills
  • FB prices unlike warriors, are well paid for


  • no buffs - therefore you need "decent" to "good" equipment to effectively lvl on your own