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Newsletter 13: When nothing works anymore while playing the piano ...

by sven haefligerAugust 13, 2016

Do you know those days when you just can't play the piano anymore? Not even the lightest melodies and chord progressions that you recently thought were child's play? Yes, there is - even when playing the piano.

If nothing works at all while playing the piano, take a break

As with many other things, there are good and bad days. When I feel that I cannot clear my mind and that I am only annoyed by my own inability, then it is high time for one thing: to take a break.

You are well on your way. Because practically nothing is as versatile as learning to play the piano. This will need time. Your nerve tracts in the brain need time to reconnect. Nobody can cut it short. Sure, some things are a little faster, others less quickly. But what the heck - we're not running a race here.

I would like to give you a few suggestions here, maybe something “jumps” for you right now:

  • Go for a walk
  • read a book
  • write a diary (preferably what you have just experienced) - and my request to you: Do not over-evaluate such days. There are others, better ones.

Or put aside all the things that don't work so well on the piano at the moment.


With musical regards

Sven Haefliger
Founder klavier-lernen.ch

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