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1-2-3 and 4 (birthday game song)
A, B, C, the cat ran in the snow (traditional children's song)
Oh, Martin, give me something
All my ducklings (traditional nursery rhyme)
All the best (congratulations song as a pop version)
All the best! (Birthday congratulations song)
Ow! Geez! Rough spring celebration!
On the wall on the wait
A cuckoo sat on a tree
A cuckoo sits on the tree (funny children's rhyme)
Bajki z popielnika (Lullaby from Poland)
At the Bimperlwirt, at the Bamperlwirt (1st visit)
At the Bimperlwirt, at the Bamperlwirt (2nd visit)
Blue like my eyes (remix for the children's dance festival)
Pretzel knight tournament
There you have a thaler (funny children's tickling rhyme)
Since Willi with his red ski
Then spring is here!
That's the thumb (old finger play)
The crawling animal (tickle finger game)
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