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Viking brooches and robe clips based on models from the Viking Age

Here you can buy detailed replicas of robe clasps and Viking brooches

In the medieval shop of Pera Peris - House of History you will find detailed robe clasps, such as authentic replicas of Viking Age brooches, fibulae and robe clips, which were made from original finds in the various art styles of the Viking Age, such as the Borre style and Ringerike style, the Mamma style and the Urnes style . Our Viking jewelry is made of high quality bronze as well as a real silver-plated version. Brooches were an indispensable part of historical clothing in the Viking Age and, depending on their size, were used to close shirt necklines or cloaks. Perhaps you will also find a suitable Viking jewelry in our Viking mail order, which you would like to buy for your authentic clothing or as jewelry for everyday life.

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