Drake, how about GIF now

Over Rihanna? Drake is now dating a rap colleague!

Is Drake (32) in love again? In the summer of 2016, the rapper was still with his colleague Rihanna (30). At the MTV Video Music Awards, he made a declaration of love for the pretty singer, but the romance between the two artists was short-lived. After the breakup, the R'n'B star revealed little from his love life. But now the 32-year-old has been spotted with a new woman at his side!

In a recent Instagram live video, Drake flirted violently with British rapper Stefflon Don (26). Drake gave the 26-year-old several reasons, among other things, why he would be the perfect man for her. And now the "One Dance" interpreter has apparently followed words with deeds and taken them on a romantic date. The couple spent, according to information from Hollywood Life a wonderful evening in Miami. During the dinner together, the two are said to have only had eyes for each other and Drake beamed up to their ears.

Meanwhile, Rihanna seems to have been forgotten: In the Instagram video, StefflonDrake also asked about his relationship status. He confirmed that he was currently single, but would be willing to change that.

How do you like Drake dating again? 328 votes
Great, his romance with Rihanna has been over for a while!
Stupid, I was always hoping for a reunion with Rihanna!

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