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2 best ways to play Spotify music on Sonos system

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The partnership between Spotify and Sonos means that you don't have to listen to your songs via the dedicated Sonos app, but use the Spotify app to control your Sonos sound systems directly. However, this connection is only available to Spotify Premium subscribers, and the limited beta is available to any Sonos owner.

So how can you play Spotify music on Sonos if you can free users or only want to play Spotify music after canceling the subscription? Watch here how to play Spotify music on Sonos speakers directly from a Premium subscription can play, and the useful tips to keep Spotify music at free user remains playable.

Two methods:

  • Method 1: play Spotify music directly on your Sonos speaker.
  • Method 2: play Spotify music on Sonos if you are free user

Play Spotify music right on your Sonos speaker

Step 1 Start the Sonos app on your phone, if you have installed it ( and set up Sonos speakers in your WLAN by using the Follow steps in the app.

Step 2Tap the “Add Music Service” button and choose “Spotify”. Make sure that "Control Sonos from Spotify" is activated in the settings.

Step 3 Launch the Spotify Music app on your mobile phone, computer or tablet. Also, make sure your devices opening Spotify are connected to the same WiFi with the Sonos system.

Step 4 Play a track on Spotify and select Devices Available, then choose Sonos Speakers and listen.

Play Spotify music on Sonos if you are a free user

As mentioned earlier, the connection between the Spotify service and the Sonos speakers is only for Spotify Premium Subscribers available although the limited beta version is available. As the most popular streaming music service, Spotify music or playlists are DRM protected, and the free user does not have permission to download music as local files, if you can get DRM free music and there is a solution to make the Spotify music as local files, you can play Spotify music on Sonos speakers easily.

Step 1 run Spotify Music Converter on Windows PC

Download and install the Spotify Music Converter on your PC. Then launch this Spotify Music Converter on your desktop.

Step 2 Add Spotify Music to Converter to Play Sonos.

You can find the Spotify Music you want to download in Spotify. Then click the "+"in the main interface of Spotify Music Converter. Then an add window will appear. You can drag and drop an entire playlist to Converter.

After Spotify Music Converter parses the URLs, you can click "OK" to check the added Spotify Music.

Step 3 Create the conversion and output settings that are compatible with Sonos.

You can on click to adjust the conversion and output settings. Here you can choose the output format as popular format including MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC or AIFF, output quality as 128 kbps, 256 kbps and 320 kbps. You can change the output path as needed. Otherwise, Sportify Music Converter will save the output audio in the default folder.

Step 4 Start the convetting

After setting, you can click the button "Convert"Click to convert Spotify Music to Sonos-supported MP3 or any other output audio format you choose.

Now, just import the Spotify music downloaded from Spotify Music Converter for Spotify into the Spotify Music app or other Sonos supported music apps like Google Play Music, Amazon Music etc., then choose a song and click through Sonos -Speakers in your room. Just choose what you want to play, where to play and how loudly in a room or at home.

Note: With the free trial version of the Sidify music converter for Spotify, we can convert a 3-minute sample to evaluate the final result for each audio file. You can remove the time limit by purchasing the full version.

Note:Spotify Music Converter also offers the user free version at. Here are the differences between the free version and the ultimate version. Show details>

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