What a necklace for a round face

Which jewelry suits my face shape?


1. How can I determine the shape of my face?
2. Jewelry for the oval face shape
3. Jewelry for the round face
4. Jewelry for the angular face shape
5. Jewelry for the heart-shaped face

Today we continue with our small series of advisors. We recently showed you which jewelry you can use to get more out of your cleavage. Today we continue that, but I would like to show you in this blog post which jewelry looks even better for your type. In short: which jewelry suits your face shape best. Of course, you should know what your face shape is. Sometimes it is not that easy to determine. I have never been entirely sure of the shape of my face myself. That's why I've put together a few helpful tips that will show you whether you have a round or an oval face, for example.

1. How can I determine the shape of my face?

The best way to determine the shape of your face is to look in the mirror. As an aid, you can grab a lipstick with which you can trace your face shape on the mirror (and of course you can remove it afterwards without leaving any residue). Stand in front of the mirror and roughly trace the shape of your face. Which shape does it resemble most? A total of 4 face shapes can be distinguished: Round, oval, angular and heart-shaped. Just look at the drawing on the mirror, so that the shape of the face can be determined really quickly. Now that you have come a decisive step further, we are now devoting ourselves to the matching jewelry. Because chains and earrings can have a decisive influence on your type, positively, but unfortunately also negatively.

2. Jewelry for oval faces

The oval face is rather elongated and is characterized by balanced proportions. The chin and forehead are narrow. Particular attention is paid to the cheekbones on the oval face, because they are very pronounced. Do you have an oval face shape? Congratulations because this is something like the grand prize. Because women with an oval face can wear almost any jewelry. You can be really brave and dig deep into the paint box. Statement jewelry is made for you, both for earrings and necklaces. If you want it a little more classic, then you can of course also choose ear studs that get by without a lot of details. The only thing you should do without necklaces that are too long is that they are visually stretching. And since your face already has a longer shape, you don't really need this effect.

3. Jewelry for the round face

The round face also has a harmonious and soft shape, but the proportions are not quite as evenly distributed as is the case with the oval face. Here it is worthwhile to wear jewelry that visually stretches a little. Because women with a round face usually also have a shorter neck. If you have a round face, then you should use jewelry that supports vertical stretching. Specifically, these are narrow earrings or smaller, filigree ear studs. Additional details, such as springs, can support this optical stretching. Hoop earrings will probably never become your friends because they are too similar to the shape of your face. If you decide on a new necklace, it is better to choose a model that is not too close to the neck. Fine chains that extend to the neckline (or even a little beyond) are ideal.

4. Jewelry for the angular face

Do you have an angular face? Then you are in good company as this face shape is the most common. The forehead, cheeks and chin are equally pronounced. In the case of the angular face, two sub-categories can be distinguished, namely the narrower and the more square face. But both of them have exactly that jewelry that corresponds to the exact contrast of their face shape. And that would be jewelry with round, softly flowing shapes. When it comes to earrings, hoops naturally come to mind. But also earrings, which are very playful, suit your face shape. The same goes for chains. They should be rather delicate and not have any hard, rough details. Statement chains with large gemstones are therefore not necessarily the first choice for you.

5. Jewelry for the heart-shaped face

The heart-shaped face is characterized by a narrow chin and a broad forehead. Here you should emphasize the narrow chin area particularly well, because this way you create a balance to the pronounced forehead. This can be achieved perfectly with long earrings, because they direct the focus to your chin area. Dainty stud earrings are not ideal, unless they can boast a few additional, playful elements (such as glass beads in a striking cut). The shape of the earrings can be soft and round, but also angular. Just don't forget that the lower half of the face should always be emphasized more than the upper half. When choosing the necklace you can use any chain shape. The only difference is that it should not have a large pendant.

The best styling advisor is still your own gut feeling. When you try on jewelry, look at yourself in the mirror and judge for yourself whether you like the jewelry and whether it looks good. Then you will always achieve a result that is optimal for you. After all, you have to please yourself and not some fashion experts. ;)