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Loretta Lawson books in the correct order

Book series by Joan Alison Smith

Series information on the series (1987-1995)

Series name: Loretta Lawson / Loretta Lawson / Oxford

The was created over thirty years ago Loretta LawsonSeries by Joan Alison Smith. Since then it has progressed to a total of five volumes. The book series began in 1987. In 1995, the last part was published for the time being.

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Chronology of all volumes (1-5)

The beginning of the sequence is "Dirty Weekend". If you want to read all books chronologically, you should first turn to this volume by Joan Alison Smith. After the start in 1987, the next part appeared a year later under the title "A Ugly Suspicion". The series was then continued for seven years with three more books. The fifth, the last or newest part, is "A friend on the phone".

  • Start of the sequence: 1987
  • (News) End: 1995
  • ∅ Continuation cycle: 2 years
  • Longest break: 1990-1993

German translation for Loretta Lawson

The book series has its origins outside of Germany. For example, the first volume was originally called "A Masculine Ending". All books have been translated into German.

Part 1 of 5 of the Loretta Lawson series by Joan Alison Smith.


Order of the Loretta Lawson Books

  1. Publisher: dtv

    Binding: paperback

  2. Published by München: Dt. Taschenbuch-Verl.,

    Binding: paperback

  3. Publisher: dtv

    Binding: paperback

  4. Publisher: dtv

    Binding: paperback

  5. Publisher: dtv

    Binding: paperback


When will a new book in the Loretta Lawson series be released?

Continuation of the Loretta Lawson series by Joan Alison Smith

New books in sequence came out every two years on average for eight years. Judging by this development, the sixth book should have appeared in 1997. Speaking of history: The hypothetical publication date was already 24 years ago. We therefore consider a resumption of the sequence to be very unlikely.

Our Fact check clarifies whether a sequel to the Loretta Lawson books with one 6th part is likely:

  1. The trilogy is a popular way of publishing a series of books. Five, i.e. more than three, parts have already been published in the series.
  2. The average frequency of publications in this series is two years. If one takes this development as a starting point, a continuation with Volume 6 should have appeared in 1997.
  3. We have not yet received any official announcement about a sixth part. You know more Get in touch!
Update: | Correct order of the book series after research. Errors excepted.