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Opencall to everyone: So that we don't get used to death - Call for Demonstration on January 31, 2020

On Friday 24.01 around 4.00 a.m, the cops of the police station 51 (Wedekindwache), raided the flat of Maria P. on Grünberger Straße 46, after her flatmate’s phone call, and shot her dead. Police reports and its careful reproduction through mass media profile Maria as a mentally ill person attacking the cops with a knife. At the same time the state, police and the mass media are targeting persons with mental health issues, suggesting that this 'diagnosis' is enough for their potential execution.
On Friday 24.01 around 4.00 a.m, the cops of the police station 51 (Wedekindwache), raided the flat of Maria P. on Grünberger Straße 46, after her flatmate’s phone call, and shot her dead. Police reports and its careful reproduction through mass media profile Maria as a mentally ill person attacking the cops with a knife. At the same time the state, police and the mass media are targeting persons with mental health issues, suggesting that this 'diagnosis' is enough for their potential execution.
The day after the murder, people gathered in solidarity and started a spontaneous demo in Maria’s neighborhood. This demo was attacked by the cops, completing this way the image of zero tolerance while actively defending their provocative statements of the police union (GdP) and the public prosecutor’s office said that they are currently assuming that teir colleagues have behaved correctly.
Berlin is a city based on the alternative tourism industry and a facade of diversity tolerance, promoting a progressive city image, which offers as products, ideas such as antiracism, antisexism and veganism / vegetarianism without hesitating to rely on the 'friendly' police forces ( da für dich) to ensure citizen's peace and security when needed. Repression and the “product” berlin is selling go hand in hand, as in order to make notions like “alternativism” and “diversity” more marketable, the dominant system must de-politicize and deprive them from their “dangerous” elements. Berlin is actually a european metropolis where police violence is daily omnipresent. From the brutal assassinations, arrests, beatings, surveillance cameras and helicopters to the provoking and terrorizing "robocops" during demos. All these things are building up a police controlled city mosaic that leaves no space in any kind of resistance.
This goes hand in hand with the legislation creating a profile of a sheriff-cop providing them with full freedom and initiative to act without any legal consequences. At the same time, everyone that reacts to arrests, imprisonments and fines is extremely repressed. The state and the police as the genuine dominion are patrolling the city by repressing whatever they define as dangerous against them in the pretext of security and order. This situation is also supported by the left parties, whose only suggestion against police arbitrariness is the use of tasers instead of guns, this way indicating their consent for state repression. The mass media are demonizing once again the victim and trating the murderers as heroes in order to steer social reactions.
Even if we have no illusions about the state, the cops, reporters and politicians, the society’s indifference to this cold-blooded murder only reveals the real face of this city, completing the puzzle of conservatism, of personal interest and social cannibalism.
It's crucial now more than ever to resist and react against police terrorism. The rallying of any radical part of society is essential, which through unmediated and anti-hierarchical struggles -from open assemblies to all types of interventions in the city- won’t let those incidents unanswered.
For a society of equality and freedom, without dominants and oppressed, exploiters and exploited, we fight collectively for the destruction of state and capitalism.

The state arms, the cops murder

So that we don't get used to death

Open call to everyone for the demo against Bullenkongress
31.01 | 8:00 p.m. | Wismarplatz | Berlin-Friedrichshain


Call of the Liebig34: Bull pigs out of our neighborhoods! Call for more anger!

People who wanted to show solidarity with our house were brutally and aggressively chased and arrested by civil pigs in the village square; Cops guarded AFD-Schmutz with dog squadrons from anti-fascists who wanted to commemorate the Shoah and the crimes of National Socialism in Marzahn; a cop from the Wedekindwache murdered the anti-fascist Maria from our neighborhood.
These are the events of the weekend. This and so much more shows us that the slogan is correct: German police officers are murderers and fascists.
The police are a patriarchal institution characterized by hegemonic and toxic masculinity. It stands for a "divide and rule" policy, it means oppression of people, it uses the principle of punishment, whereby people become incapacitated, dependent, intimidated and subservient. The police as an institution is neither democratically legitimized nor does it aim to abolish itself at some point.
To be part of this apparatus is the goal of people who like to exercise power and violence against others and / or have a misguided sense of justice. This is reflected in the practice of the cops - through everyday sexism and racism or through murderous patriarchal violence. This can be seen, for example, in racist police controls, in disgusting and objectifying comments, in open hostility towards trans hostility or in sexualised violence against women * transinter and non-binary persons who are at their mercy. Cops have humiliated, beaten and murdered black and PoC people, cops grabbed women * during arrests, cops put trans people in jails with the wrong gender identity, cops raped and tortured sex workers and and and and.
On top of all this shit, there are the comments of the criminal union police spokesman Benjamin Jendro, who always focuses on a pitiful perspective of police officers. Using the example of Maria, who was recently murdered by a cop, the focus is placed on the “psychological stress” for the murderer. Not enough that his portrayal is consistently women * despising and Maria, who is now dead, is portrayed as crazy and drug addict in order to conjure up some form of relativization of the deed. The list of injustices carried out by the murderer gang is long and our anger continues to rise.
Police reports are constantly being unreflected in the press and the violence perpetrated against the police by autonomous groups is condemned. But the violence that hits us every day through this very institution is hardly discussed. Be it the violence caused by the very existence of this institution or its everyday practice towards us and others. The latest acts show in no uncertain terms how the armed and protected arm of the state wields murderous violence.
We need more pictures in which bulls are chased out of the neighborhoods, such as at the weekend in Leipzig-Connewitz. Civil pigs and cops shouldn't drive around in our neighborhoods, harass us and not feel safe. Your racism and sexism must have consequences. At the same time, we need more solidarity and tools for a solidarity neighborhood from below, which lets people believe in the possibility of self-organization.

So: Bull pigs out of Riga and all other neighborhoods! This is a call for more anger. Come to the demo against the cops' congress on January 31, 2020 at 8 p.m. at Wismarplatz - and then to the unlock! Take your anger out into the streets!

And join the protests against the eviction of our Liebig34 on January 30th. from 8 a.m. in front of the Tiergarten district court and anytime, anywhere. Defend Liebig34!


Call for billboards against cops, billboards against Germany: Adbusting calls for a demo against the European Police Congress

On the evening of January 29th, an adbusting was spotted near Sonnenallee, calling for participation in the demo against the European Police Congress.
On the evening of January 29th, an adbusting was spotted near Sonnenallee, calling for participation in the demo against the European Police Congress. The campaign group “Placarding Against Cops, Placarding Against Germany” used the advertising campaign for a new ARD crime series. Instead of advertising a series that glorifies the police, the poster is now criticizing the violent state perpetrators. With the well-known slogan “No friend, no helper”, the protests against the European Police Congress are now being mobilized. This takes place annually in Berlin, this year under the motto “enforce the rule of law”. Decision-makers from the police, politics and business use the event to develop strategies for deportation, repression and the protection of property and rule.

Take to the streets against the bull state! Coming on January 31. at 8 p.m. to Wismarplatz in F-Hain. The demo route was relocated due to the police murder of Maria and is now taking place in the immediate vicinity of her apartment, where she was murdered coldly by German police officers.

Call from anonymous: A proposal for a demonstration on January 31st. - Leave the sheep pasture

The last few years have been shaped by tradition a lot. Recurring rituals set signs of demotivation and the lack of offensive action in Berlin's demo concepts and their participation. We, part of the radical left, are well aware that we cannot come around the corner with suggestions 10 days before a demo and refresh the discourses of the last few years in a fast motion. But we would like to give a little outlook and work towards ensuring that things can also turn out differently.

Large demonstrations, in particular, unfortunately often create a feeling of walking. Only a few people seem to think about it in advance and bring their ideas into the demo. The Berlin cops also try to avoid frontal confrontations and focus on video documentation and the use of civilian crime observers. The concept of de-escalation, which has so often been praised, aims above all to not offer a direct target, but rather to intercept and arrest people after the demonstration has ended. We were able to see this at some of the last larger demonstrations that ran through Rigaer Straße (Bursting Investor's Dreams and May 1st), during which they repeatedly ran into the crowd as a riot squad, around each other, at the closing place To pick out participants.

We therefore advocate a combative democratic culture. In the following text we want to name some examples from the recent past, in which moments of uncontrollability and dynamism could be created. At the same time, we want to refer to the text "Dynamic demo concepts vs. Berlin police tactics", which was published last year in the run-up to the last police congress demo.

Clearance of the Kadterschmiede, summer 2016

In the summer of 2016, on the day of the evacuation of the Kadterschmieden, numerous people gathered at Mariannenplatz in Kreuzberg for an unannounced spontaneous demonstration. After people had been mobilized for one day in Kreuzberg for months, the exact location of the demonstration was only announced a few hours in advance. Despite the presence of the cops, the demonstration was able to move briefly. Even if the elevator was smashed relatively quickly by the cops, the individual reference groups scattered and moved autonomously through the streets of Kreuzberg. These moments were made possible by an interplay of public mobilization and clandestine preparation of individual reference groups. Targeted planning and familiarization with the circumstances are essential for all participants in demonstrations and actions in order to be able to act spontaneously.

Demonstration against the 2018 Police Congress

In January 2018, at the last police congress demonstration, an overhead banner was unfurled on Mariannenplatz, with which the entire front block could be completely covered. The cops were visibly nervous and briefly didn't know what to do next. Unfortunately, no dynamic developed from this situation at the demonstration either. Maybe not enough groups knew about the idea that they were caught off guard and couldn't take advantage of the moment.

Rent madness demo, spring 2018

In April 2018, the rent madness demonstration ran through Berlin with 40,000 participants. Some people probably took advantage of the security of the large cover pool and attacked the high-priced luxury student residence on Warschauer Strasse with bags of paint. When the demonstration arrived in Kreuzberg, part of the train broke out on Wrangelstrasse and blocked the former vegetable shop Bizim Bakkal on Wrangelstrasse 77, which had already been occupied. Even if the house was brutally cleared again after a few hours, true to the Berlin line, there is still a successful combination of registered large-scale demonstrations and actions that have not been publicly prepared.

Inter-neighborhood demonstration November 2nd, 2019

On November 2nd Around 2000 people ran from Kreuzberg to Friedrichshain for the threatened projects. In the Südkiez, the march initially fanned out, leaving large gaps behind the front block. However, the closer the Nordkiez got, the better the demonstration reorganized. The gaps were opened and the mood became much more tense and exciting. When the demo then passed the CG construction site on Rigaer Straße, it was stormed, attacked with paint and the construction site material was used as projectiles against the cops running away. The demo was able to regroup after this short but powerful moment and continue to run until the end. Even if there were isolated arrests, the front block was able to leave the demo safely without major problems. At the same time as the demonstration, the cops' penalty area at Alexanderplatz was attacked with paint and hammers.

Dynamic concepts

We want to get away from demonstrations as pure consumer and fun events. When we are out on the street with many people, we open up numerous options for action. If we familiarize ourselves with the route and its surroundings beforehand, we can act spontaneously if the demonstration is broken up at an unexpected location, for example. By organizing in affinity groups, we can secure each other and also participate in the actions of other groups. A demonstration only takes place in a small part of the city, at the same time the space opens up in other places for different forms of action.

Arrival and departure:

Since the cops like to do preliminary checks, it is advisable to think about when we want to join the demo. Even if we feel most comfortable this way, it can be helpful not to appear completely in black on the opening rally location. If there were clashes or actions at the demonstration, leaving early can save us a lot of trouble. It makes sense to know the route and the surrounding area in order to think of a good place for it. Here, too, the right clothing can be of great use. A large group in completely black clothes is guaranteed to stand out in the surrounding neighborhood.

The route:

In advance you can walk the route and see what is on the route. Most of the time you discover nice places that are well suited for small actions from the demo.

We welcome the call by the organizers of the police congress to take the street: “If the situation requires it, we are ready to break up the demo early. In the event that the cops decide to attack our demo, we call for decisive action! ”However, we want to expand this call. We don't have a developed concept for you, what we are going to present. However, we want to learn from the past and propose to take the streets back with a bull attack on us or the abrupt end of this demonstration. If we manage to break out of the sheep pasture and disperse in all possible directions, we create a moment of uncontrollability. We are thus leaving the framework that the cops will mark out. There are cards available that offer us potential opportunities to express our anger. If we understand the framework that is opened to us as part of this day, then we should see our coming together as a contribution against repression as a whole. Individual strips that cordon off the streets, space protection units standing in front of objects or the private security strips of newly built lofts or banks can be a target of our anger.

Let's break out! For many Manifs Sauvages!

For the riot!

We will not manage or control anything - keyword autonomous!


Call of the Antifa West Berlin: No gala for repression authorities. Against the European Police Congress!

On the 4th and 5thIn February the time has come again: As every year, the European Police Congress, organized by the “Spiegel” authorities, meets. It is the largest networking meeting of politicians, secret services, private security companies and henchmen from various police units. The congress is financed and supported by armaments companies and security technology companies.

One of the main topics this year is an alleged “erosion of the rule of law”, which is mainly attributed to the lack of powers of state repression agencies. The rule of law is equated by these people with the total control of society by police forces, secret service surveillance and political influence. The story of an “erosion of the rule of law” only serves the purpose of institutionalizing a state of emergency that can only be brought under control by arming against the enemy inside. This narrative is necessary in order to further develop the repressive security architecture and ultimately to retain the authority to define what is still democratic and what must be fought with all possible means. What has been observed for a long time comes to light here: the police themselves become political actors and try to mark alleged enemies. As expected, these are those groups and structures that organize themselves independently of the institutions of the state and its influence. So this year too, “extremism” will once again be declared a warrior.

The Police Congress is an event teeming with extreme surveillance fans and representatives of an authoritarian state. The dovetailing of authorities, politics, secret services and armaments companies is the way to the so-called deep state. The term is not intended to fill a conspiracy-theoretical void, but rather ties in with experiences, for example from Turkey, where the military, police and somewhat democratically elected officials are working below the public radar on the authoritarian restructuring of the state. At the upcoming police congress there will be tons of people with just such ambitions.
A prominent fan of this project is represented by the Saxon constitutional protection chief Gordian Meyer-Plath at this year's police congress on the podium on “Right-wing violence and right-wing extremism in Europe”. Meyer-Plath was able to make a career within the protection of the constitution, among other things by approving right-wing terrorist structures. Meyer-Plath is one of the early confidants of the NSU's existence. As early as 1998, at that time still in the service of the Brandenburg Office for the Protection of the Constitution, the latter was informed by his informant Carsten Szczepanski about the “trio” and their arming through Blood & Honor contacts. In 1994, Szczepanski was recruited as an undercover agent in custody by Meyer-Plath, despite, or perhaps because of, his unsuccessful assassination attempt on teacher Steve Erenhi.
For Meyer-Plath, Sczcepanski's intention to kill was not an obstacle - later he placed his protégé directly in the NSU support group in Saxony. Meyer-Plath, like many other secret service people, was able to wriggle out of the committees of inquiry, on the grounds that their actions would have served a higher state interest and they could thus rely on the protection of their person. Or as the former State Secretary in the Federal Chancellery and Commissioner for the Federal Intelligence Services, Klaus-Dieter Fritzsche, put it: "No state secrets may be disclosed that undermine government action."

Innumerable examples could be mentioned at this point, which document the concealment or the trivialization of fascist structures by state authorities. The NSU complex is full of it, as are many other racist murders or fascist attacks in which the state has been involved and covered up. The European Police Congress and many of its invited guests stand for an expansion of the structures that made possible and covered the NSU. Events such as the Police Congress are deeply reactionary, as it is there that the development into a preventive-authoritarian state is promoted. Their utopia: a state in which the security organs fight every alternative conception of society from the very beginning with all means and thus secure the status quo forever.
The enemies of freedom will meet on February 4th and 5th in the bcc Berlin Congress Center. It is therefore all the more gratifying that the “Unlocking Congress” will take place this year. A possibility to network, to build solidarity structures and a countervailing power to this misery. In advance, we want to take our anger over the security apparatus, which is locking our comrades in prison, enforcing evictions and barely breathing space, onto the street:

January 31 | 7pm | Richardplatz | Demonstration against the European Police Congress

Unlock Congress
School for Adult Education (SFE)
Gneisenaustr. 2a | Berlin


Call of the group AK36: Out to the unlocking congress - On the streets against the European police congress in Berlin!

The 23rd European Police Congress will take place on February 4th and 5th, 2020 in Berlin at Alexanderplatz. In order to counteract this hustle and bustle of reactionary forces from authorities, politics, business and lobby associations, from 31.01. - 02.02.2020 various protests took place.

“On the weekend before the police congress, there will be two days of discussions and workshops at the“ arming congress ”on three subject areas: racist structures in the state apparatus and a lack of counter-strategies, networking of anti-repression structures and digitization. On the Friday evening before the “Unlocking Congress” we want to take you out on the street to demonstrate against the police congress. We would like the discussions to become visible - against the state, which sells its knowledge internationally with industry and the secret service in order to suppress uprisings here locally and worldwide. ”(Invitation to the unlocking congress and demonstration against the European police congress in Berlin 2020 / https://entsichern.noblogs.org/)

The CDU, racism, Leipzig-Connewitz and the system of false reports

On the night of December 30th The 72-year-old CDU politician from Cologne, Hans Josef Bähner, shot a 20-year-old in the upper body from close range and seriously injured his shoulder. Bähner, a member of the rifle club, racist and AFD sympathizer, is hoarding five ready-to-fire weapons and black powder in his apartment. His lawyer Ralf Höcker, press spokesman for the “Values ​​Union” of the CDU and official colleague of the former VS boss Hans-Georg Maaßen, sent letters of cease-and-desist to the local press shortly after the crime not to publish the name of Bähner. With success, since many media outlets still fail to mention the politician's name. Meanwhile, the local police are investigating dangerous bodily harm.

Just one day later, on New Year's Eve, 400 kilometers further south, in Leipzig, there were massive attacks by Saxon SFOE units on celebrants at the Connewitzer Kreuz. In the course of the conflict, a SFOE officer is brought to the ground and carried unconscious from the square. A short time later, Germany's media landscape is upside down. Fed by deliberate false reports from the Saxon police social media team, a media debate that lasts for days about a “new level of left-wing violence” flares up. A short time later it became clear that the initial statements made on New Year's Eve about a critically injured officer who had to undergo emergency surgery to save his life did not even begin to correspond to reality. Nevertheless, the Saxon authority, interspersed with professing racists, is sticking to its version of New Year's Eve. Just like the Leipzig public prosecutor's office in their investigations into attempted murder. In the first few days of the new year, Connewitz's New Year's Eve is the hot topic. Warnings of a new RAF and the comparisons of yesterday with paramilitary Nazis determine the discourse. Fueled and directed by the right-wing agitators in this country, from Bild, Panzer Siggi Gabriel to Rainer Wendt.

Image cultivationThe police(Family) as a political actor

The false reports about the events of New Year's Eve in Leipzig-Connewitz are embedded in a strategy of disinformation behind which there is both political calculation and the struggle for interpretative sovereignty. Because the enemy is on the left and is a migrant. Not just in Saxony. It has always been common practice for (German) security authorities to spread misinformation to influence the political climate in this country and thus also, for example, tightening of the law. The introduction of the "Resistance Paragraph", which has been in force since 2018, was preceded, among other things, by a long-term campaign by the police unions.

And also at the local level, reports of electrified door knobs when clearing Friedel54 or the dropping of “acid confetti” during a demonstration in Rigaerstraße achieve the desired result. Because what is once in circulation does not disappear. And promptly the comment columns and the timelines of the respective Twitter accounts overflow. For example, after reports about the number one object of hatred in Rigaerstraße, the violent fantasies explode at regular intervals, including the desire to crack down on cracks or to smoke out the house and its residents. Ex-cop and current MMA fighter Nick Hein recently published a real instructional video on how best to penetrate the coveted property Rigaer94. It only seems a matter of time before action is taken.

And just as the media disinformation is part of the common practice of the self-proclaimed “cosmopolitan capital police”, it is obvious that it is the day-to-day business of most journalists to take over the respective press releases, tweets and statements without checking the events presented. A simple copy of the respective report is sufficient. If what has been said is questioned and critically questioned, the respective unions and their representatives are already in the starting blocks to appease, gloss over, threaten and discredit. This happened in connection with the latest publications on the death of 21-year-old Fabien M. who was knocked down by a police officer on January 29, 2018. An example of many, because if you criticize, you don't criticize one person, you criticize everyone. This is what the ruling corps spirit envisages. Mistakes are not made. If some have to be granted, there are individual cases. This applies to (documented) cases of killings, massive violence, racist activities, as well as to reports and exposures about neo-fascist efforts and activities within the authority. And that throughout the republic.

The scandal is the existing one and the "individual case" is everyday life

Police officers hoard weapons and set up paramilitary neo-fascist networks, create death lists, send threatening letters to the NSU co-prosecutor, pose in front of right-wing graffiti, post comments and pictures with fascist content in chats. These are just a few of the almost innumerable "individual cases" of 2019. The individual case is everyday life and fascist activities in the authorities, precincts and barracks of this country are the reality. A reality that is becoming more visible bit by bit and the extent of which can still only be guessed at. "NSU", "NSU 2.0", Combat18, Nordkreuz, Hannibal, Uniter, Neukölln complex. Murders, assassinations, attacks and the preparations for taking power. Co-organized, financed and covered by German security authorities, willing helpers and enforcers in robes and uniform. The entanglements, entanglements and personal overlaps between the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, the police, special units of the Bundeswehr and neo-fascist groups and networks, some of which are paramilitary, are not only fluid, they are an elementary component. How much state is, for example, in the "NSU" will never be conclusively quantified. Among other things, the protection of the constitution has made sure of this. He will continue to do so.

Anyone who hopes for a broad social outcry in view of these conditions is hoping in vain. This did not exist after the "NSU" series of murders became known, just as it did not exist after the murder of the CDU functionary Walter Lübcke in Kassel last year. And that, although Walter Lübcke was one of theirs. A functionary of this state, a member of the CDU. No leftist, no migrant, whose death would simply be irrelevant to the majority of German society. On the way to the authorities, a transfer comes here, a fine there. And before the court? With the judgments in the trial of the previously known acts of the “NSU”, another beacon was set in German history, acknowledged in a friendly and laughing manner by the numerous Nazis who were present and supportive in the audience. Go ahead and pop "Kanaken" off, when things get tough, the constitution protection enforces one or the other blocking declaration and you go home free. So the signal effect. As cynical as these lines sound, none of this is new. Neither the pogroms known from Hoyerswerda, Rostock, Solingen & Mölln, nor the racist attacks in the years before and after with dozens of deaths had serious consequences.

So it is all the more surprising that in large parts of the local left there still seems to be a belief and trust in this state that it will take care of it if the worst comes to the worst. The courts and institutions of this country have always been racist and social-chauvinist, otherwise they would not exist. History teaches us that in times of crisis, capitalism uses its most reactionary forces to keep itself alive and to transform. In Germany with a special extent. The current situation lies not only, albeit in large part, in the conception of this country, which was continued by high-ranking Nazi war criminals after the liberation from German fascism, but also in the fact that capitalism in its current form is increasing faltering.

Exchange and networking - expand the resistance!

But there are also positive things to report, because there are still people who fight for a world of solidarity and freedom. Be it the diverse justice struggle for Oury Jalloh, Burak Betaş, Halit Yozgat, Süleyman Taşköprü and all other racist murders covered up by the state, the regular uncontrollable moments of anger at events such as the opening of the ECB or the G20, the groups and initiatives that are involved care for those whom the state wants to wear down and lock up through its (arbitrary) punitive actions. Those who risk their lives and their freedom to defend a revolution in Rojava, for example, which has been ours for a long time. Of course, the list cannot be complete, but it should show that our motivation to fight against the state can be different, but that we have similar enemies.

A few of them will soon meet for the European Police Congress in Berlin at Alexanderplatz. There they will buy the latest surveillance technology, tighten the appropriate laws and exchange their disgusting ideas of a fortress Europe. A line-up of politicians, cops, secret service employees, representatives of the economy and sellers of weapons and surveillance technology. In order not to leave this unanswered, let us carry out the protests and actions that we consider right and appropriate. There will be some opportunities to participate on the weekend before the Police Congress. A counter-demonstration will take place on January 31, 2020. This starts at 7 p.m. at Richardplatz in Neukölln and will run to Kreuzberg. On February 1st and 2nd, 2020, a counter-congress in the SFE / Xberg invites you to exchange ideas and develop common strategies.

We therefore call on you to take part in the protests against the European Police Congress in Berlin. If we come from the 31.01. until 02/02/2020 and take the road, discuss and exchange ideas. This can only be a start, because it is clear that a weekend of anger, determination and solidarity cannot be enough to combat the prevailing racism, sexism and social chauvinism in this state and.

Antifascist Coordination 36 | January 2020


Call of the "Freedom for Yildiz" campaign

As anti-capitalist feminists, we reject all-male, authoritarian and racist associations and resist those who insult, beat up and arrest us. For us, the German police are one of these organizations. The difference between the constantly invoked political ideal of the police officer as a friend and helper and the reality of police action is enormous. The police
namely, it does not secure abstract models and legal systems, but rather social conditions.
Within a worsening anti-feminist and racist discourse that closely links issues such as migration and security, police officers are often the fighters in the front line of the shift to the right.
The numerous racist, neo-Nazi incidents and networks in various German police units that have recently become known are mostly dealt with as scandals. The aim is to pretend that these are individual cases. Enlightenment is promised, but it is almost impossible to be undemocratic
Effectively regulate structures that seal themselves off from the outside world. The prevailing corps spirit within the police and their hostility to black people and people of color, leftists and LGBTQI * s prevent any critical examination of excesses of violence and harassment on the part of the cops.
We are currently accompanying the process of the Kurdish feminist Yildiz Aktaş, who is accused according to § 129b of being a member of a terrorist organization (PKK). The dubious and culturalizing assumptions that the police officers are now following
Carrying out years of observation and the confiscation of their personal belongings form the basis of the evidence against them. This intrusion into Yildiz's private sphere and her subsequent arrest was nothing short of disgusting. Judicial routines and the increased
The credibility that civil servants are initially given in court does the rest.
We no longer have a hint of trust and no longer feel like the discrimination, stigmatization and humiliation by cops that people experience every day simply because they were poor, resistant, non-white, queer and / or just happened to be in the wrong place. We are no longer in the mood for fake news, incorrect, racist investigations, false statements in court, racial profiling, house searches, deportations, surveillance etc. - in short: we are not in the mood for the politics of the rulers!

That is why we call for a demo against the European Police Congress on January 31, 2020.


Call for the group of young people against the European police congress in Berlin: declare war on the surveillance state! Youth call to demo against the European Police Congress 2020

Imagine that you are walking down the street with your friends and they are the first to look at you. It is precisely you who are checked more often to see whether you have any drugs with you. Because you are the person of color, because you fit into the grid.
You chill with your friends by a lake in West Berlin. The police will send you off. You don't understand why. Your friends insist on your right to have the police hand you over in writing, as they ask you to. A police officer then says to you “Stand up against the tree!” You are pushed aside and ask “Hey why?”. He says that you should just do what he says, "don't ask". Your personal details are checked. You ask them if they enjoy treating you in such a degrading way. The officer: “Do you want to point to anything? If you report something to us, you will get one back for defamation! ”This is your everyday life. At the beginning you still ask why. At some point you will run out of strength.
At least you want to defend yourself against the Nazis. Against those who make things even worse than they are with the police. With 50 other young and old people you block a Nazi rally. You manage to shout "No!" When asked to stand up. You are pulled outside with pain grips, many others are not. At some point they let go. You are trying to recover when another policeman comes through the crowd. Exactly to you. The blockade is completely different, but he just jumps on you, presses your head on the asphalt. Again painful grips. The tears come to you. "You are under arrest.", He shouts, "Resistance to state authority, violation of the assembly law."
Every time you see a patrol on the street now, you get scared. Nothing with a friend or helper anymore. Doesn't that sound like the newspaper reports about racist police violence in the USA or elsewhere? The whole thing happened to a 17 year old student in Berlin. And that is by no means an isolated case ...
Alliances such as the “KOP - Campaign for Victims of Racist Police Violence” have long written that we, the population, must counter institutional racism on various levels and thereby break the normal racist state. Why should the police, for example, also do this, who conduct the investigations themselves and who proceed subjectively when investigating colleagues.
New "Police Task Acts" (PAG), which were gradually implemented in the individual federal states, give the police even more rights. Assaults are legitimized with "acute imminent danger". For the CSU-led Ministry of the Interior, the Bavarian PAG is a "model law". After that, the police may take you into custody for an indefinite period of time, tap, save, change or delete your private communication connections (e.g. Whatsapp, phone calls, SMS) and all this without a judicial decision. The border to the surveillance and police state is getting narrower and narrower. The police congress taking place in Berlin (04-05.02) is representative of all tightening of police law, repression and everyday police violence. We will not be silenced! We will not let our right to political actionism be taken away! We will not be intimidated by you!
Let us therefore take to the streets together and resolutely against these conditions on the weekend before the congress!

Come to the demo! // Fri, 31.01. at 7:00 p.m. at Richardplatz. Afterwards, around 10 p.m., cold and warm drinks in the "Katerschmiede" Rigaer Straße 94. Come to the counter-congress! // Sat, 1.2. and Sun, 2.2.


Call of the Rigaers94: call for a demonstration against the European Police Congress and for the "unlocking" congress

It is up to all of us to find points of attack in this system. Decentralized propaganda and sabotage actions against companies as well as the open and collective waging of social struggles, such as in Connewitz, are currently a widespread and expandable practice. For the police congress we call for determination and creativity on the part of individuals and reference groups and finally for an expression of the common struggle through a demonstration on January 31, 2020 at 7 p.m. at Richardplatz in Berlin-Neukölln. On the other hand, it is essential that we exchange ideas and develop counter-strategies. For this purpose, the "Unlocking" congress will take place on February 1st and February 2nd, 2020 from 10:00 a.m. in the SFE in Kreuzberg. Discussions and workshops deal with three topics: racist structures in the state apparatus and a lack of counter-strategies, networking of anti-repression structures and digitization.
It's that time again on February 4th and 5th, 2020. At the beginning of the year cops, security fanatics, politicians, secret services, private companies and their lobbies meet in good company. This in order to exchange ideas, to network, to sell the latest weapons and security technologies and to support one another in the surveillance of society and the fight against freedom.
Cybersecurity, border protection, right-wing extremism and much more are to be the main topics of the 22nd European Bulls Congress. The fact that not only experts, but above all involved forces speak on this topic, may not be new to us, but it does not change the absurdity. When we hear that representatives of the police, secret services and the military meet to familiarize themselves with the latest weapons and tactics and to debate border security, migration and right-wing extremism, no one needs to talk about the NSU and that any more Hannibal network to be amazed. Fascist ideals have a tradition in the security authorities not only (but especially) in Germany. If we consider the continuity of Nazi fascism via the BND, Gladio and other stay-behind groups, military sports groups, NSU and Breivik Nazis to the Hannibal network, we must also reflect on the anti-fascist resistance.
The avowed Nazis are only the tip of the iceberg. So it is not only the executing organized and unorganized groups and structures on the street that need to be countered, but the entire complex of data collection technology, security architecture and weapons companies that interlock like small cogs in a complex security system, flanked by one political strategy of isolating Europe and the fight against refugees at home and abroad, with the aim of creating sales markets and securing production conditions. The racially motivated killers in the ranks of the security authorities, whose countless murders such as those of Hussam Fadl in Berlin-Moabit, Ahmad A. in the JVA Kleve or Oury Jalloh in Dessau, are shocking, but before that Background of the thousandfold murders alone at the EU borders an expression of German normality.
The tasks of the individual cogs are usually very clearly outlined: while politics has the objective of formulating the social shift to the right and also selling it with the media in order to shift the social discourse and create the legal basis, it is up to cops, soldiers * To put further pressure inside and private security services on those who are outside a capitalist exploitation logic and to fight those who actively oppose it. The cops receive information on this assignment from the secret services, which, as a supposed lesson from National Socialist fascism, were organizationally separated from each other and from the police, and from private companies that collect more personal data than ever before in the digital age. Alleleaks, threatening letters and the NickHein video are only briefly mentioned here as examples of the continuity of fascist security authorities that affect us directly and currently. Finally, the arms industry is now fitting into this conglomerate of surveillance and repression. It is their job to provide the necessary hardware to stir up fear of resistance through repression and thus to stifle any resistance to their logic. The circle closes with the role of the well-organized arms lobby and listed corporations such as Rheinmetall, SAP and Airbus, whose sphere of influence is politics. From the simple Nazi who collects donations for the killer of Oury Jalloh on behalf of GDP to politics, you can find all this at the European Police Congress.
It is up to all of us to find points of attack in this system. Decentralized propaganda and sabotage actions against companies as well as the open and collective waging of social struggles, such as in Connewitz, are currently a widespread and expandable practice. For the police congress we call for determination and creativity on the part of individuals and reference groups and finally for an expression of the common struggle through a demonstration on January 31, 2020 at 7 p.m. at Richardplatz in Berlin-Neukölln.
On the other hand, it is essential that we exchange ideas and develop counter-strategies. For this purpose, the "Unlocking" congress will take place on February 1st and February 2nd, 2020 from 10:00 a.m. in the SFE in Kreuzberg. Discussions and workshops deal with three topics: racist structures in the state apparatus and a lack of counter-strategies, networking of anti-repression structures and digitization.

Fight the Nazis! Fight the cops!
Your Rigaer94

Call for Soligruppe Berlin of the GG / BO: Unlock the state, justice and prisons! Call for the Unlocking Congress and a demonstration against the European Police Congress 2020

This year, too, international political and police decision-makers such as the protection of the constitution, the weapons lobby, forensic experts, border foreclosure companies, members of the Bundestag and the bullies will meet again at the "European Police Congress" to find out about the tightened closure and militarization of borders, To exchange cyber surveillance, artificial intelligence (AI), the "electronic criminal record", digital traces, cop equipment and the analysis of mass data with AI and machine learning. According to the public application, the aim is to “re-establish the rule of law” and to establish a functioning safety network. By “security” they mean the disappearance or imprisonment of people and by “rule of law” only rights for a white German elite. It is about expanding absolute surveillance and control with analog and digital means and punishing, deporting and murdering those who behave inappropriately, look “wrong” or come from “somewhere” other than Germany or Europe. Accordingly, the aim is to expand the fascist authoritarian state.
The fact that the FRG, but also the whole of Europe, is becoming more and more fascist and authoritarian in parliament and society can be seen on many different levels: in the state elections in Saxony in 2019, the AfD achieved 27.5% of the votes, the CDU achieved 32.1%. Two thirds of society in Saxony vote right / conservative. Such election results can also be observed or foreseen at the federal and European level.
At the same time, an extra-parliamentary right is growing stronger. More and more fascists are coming together on the streets of the FRG and Europe, many of them no longer shy away from it, those who think differently, blacks, PoCs, homeless people, migrants, those read by them as foreigners and all who do not fit into their image of a white (German) society, attack or even murder.
The extra-parliamentary right is not to be seen as detached from the parliamentary right, on the contrary: both forces are not only dependent on each other, but work hand in hand to develop a completely fascist system. For example, there is a Nazi prepper network, which among other things aims at the mass killing of political opponents, consists of active and retired cops, members of the Bundeswehr and special forces. It is no coincidence that a considerable number of these are members of the AfD.
Fascist and authoritarian developments can be recognized at institutional, parliamentary and societal level and are intertwined with one another. So it shouldn't be surprising that the entire state apparatus is becoming more and more fascist and authoritarian. Hazardous areas are constructed to extend total surveillance and control and to blame a specific group of people for all evils in society. Among other things, racial profiling is used here. Because of their appearance, people are pigeonholed as "criminals" and then presented to society as "malicious". Camera surveillance, such as scanners for face recognition, is being expanded and technically refined so that no step is left unobserved. German and European external borders are being militarized so as not to let anyone in who doesn't know, is German or European enough. At parliamentary level, there is no longer any secret whatsoever about expressing obviously fascist things: while politicians and leading media raved about an alleged “welcoming culture” in 2015, a Maizière, for example, is now only calling for faster deportations. "Welcome" was yesterday, kicking out is now. And when the sacking doesn't work, the state's friend and helper comes around the corner every now and then and simply murders those who don't fit into a white German elite society. It was no accident that Oury Jalloh, Rooble Wasame and Ahmed Amad died as a result of cop violence and / or deliberate idleness in cells, that William Tonou-Mbobda died of psychiatric effects and that Hussam Fadl Hussein was shot by cops.
It is obvious that these developments are also emerging in the prison apparatus. Prisoners are increasingly affected by attacks by fascist judicial pigs, which is mainly due to the entanglement, even deliberate placement of Nazis in the judicial system. Until January 2019, the Saxon Ministry of Justice was not interested in the fact that a fascist involved in the "Storming of Connewitz" prisoner in the prison in Leipzig was able to expand the existing right-wing networks as a guard with the imprisoned comrades. This is not an isolated case. Fascist structures in the judiciary are systematic. Because where the journey of the expanding fascist state is going can be read from its institutions.
For example, what is needed is a judicial apparatus that consistently implements racist, fascist and all discriminatory ideas. Without this, no other state in the world could survive. Prison is in and of itself a fascist institution. Those who do not behave appropriately, who have disregarded capitalist logic or who simply “look wrong” are locked away. The fact that prison is always a leap ahead of the fascist developments outside is therefore only logical and currently more recognizable.While outside the prison walls there is mostly talk of "individual cases" and the fascist developments are not understood as systemic, there is almost no talk at all about an increasing fascist judicial apparatus and the effects on prisoners who are read as "foreigners", for example. The silence about it, but also the consequences that follow, such as the murder of black people and people of color in police custody situations, clearly show that the “constitutional state” only means the right for a white German elite. Injustice is spoken for the rest - they are locked away, deported or murdered. In this context, fascist cops, judicial pigs and their supporters can appear more and more self-confident without having to fear consequences. There is more behind them than the entire state apparatus: the entire society is permeated by fascist ideas and structures. We watch, sometimes we get upset, but often we are also silent and thereby allow a lot to happen.
With every deportation, every lock-up, every murder, it becomes more urgent than ever to develop counter-strategies and to be able to act. The wheel certainly does not have to be reinvented for this. Resistance to fascism, the state, its bullies, judicial pigs, prisons and supporters already existed and existed. For example, the company "Hentschke Bau", which is helping to build the new giant prison in Zwickau-Marienthal and whose managing director is an avowed Nazi and the largest donor of the AfD, was attacked several times. In view of the increasing authoritarian fascist developments, however, it remains obvious that the resistance must be expanded.
We have to come together, exchange ideas, discuss strategies and become capable of acting. The solution can only be an offensive anti-state, anti-capitalist and anti-fascist one. We want a society without dividing categories, a society without capitalism and a society without prisons. There is a long way to go, our greatest enemy is the expanding fascist state. That is why we call on you to take part in the counter-congress "Unlocking" and in the nationwide demonstration against the "European Police Congress". Let's go on Friday the 1/31/20 carry our anger out into the streets and show the cops what we think of their meeting. Let's on February 1st and 2nd, 2020 at the Unlocking Congress discuss, exchange, network and give the state anew every day with jointly developed ideas and strategies.

Against the European Police Congress, against their plans and ideas of an authoritarian fascist state.
For a society without the state, capital, fascism and prisons.