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Update: Joey Feek dies of cancer: "She is now in heaven"

Joey Feek died shortly after saying goodbye to her young daughter. The country singer succumbed to severe cancer

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Update March 4th: Joey Feek is dead

"My wife's greatest dream came true today ... She is in heaven now ": With these moving words, Rory Feek announced the death of his beloved wife on his blog. Accordingly, Joey Feek died on Friday afternoon (March 4th) at 2:30 p.m. with her family.

The country singer was only 40 years old. She leaves a two-year-old daughter next to her husband, with whom she formed the country duo Joey & Rory. She had developed from her little Indiana became seriously ill with cervical cancer Goodbye to Joey with one last kiss.

Stars of the country scene like Gwen Stefani's friend Blake Shelton and Carrie Underwood have already expressed their grief on Twitter.

March 3rd: Farewell to her daughter

It's so tragic that it can hardly be put into words: Joey Feek is about to die. The country singer suffers from cervical cancer. In the last days of her life, the 40-year-old said goodbye to all the people who mean something to her. Also from her daughter Indiana, and that really moves you to tears.

The musician fought against the insidious disease for two years - and lost, the doctors give her little time. But Joey still has enough strength to gather her family around her sick bed one last time and To say goodbye. Her husband Rory processes the emotional scenes on his blog. He also describes how the 40-year-old gives little Indy one last kiss.

"You have to be a big girl to dad now"

"Joey gathered her family around her and said goodbye to everyone - her mother, her father and her three sisters. Many tears flowed as she told everyone how much she loved him and that she would soon be home. That her time here was over." and she was going to sleep soon. And then she asked me to fetch our daughter. I sat Indy on Joey's lap and we all cried when my wife told her how much her mom loved her and, 'You're going to be a good cause for your dad become a big girl ... and mom will watch over you '. Then she kissed her one last time. "

Soon her suffering will be over

His wife has been sleeping for days - she will probably take her last breath in this world in the next few days. But Rory is sure: "Then she will do her next there. In heaven."