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Bellatrix Lestrange

Bellatrix Lestrange (née Black) (1951 - May 2, 1998) is a pureblood witch, the daughter of Cygnus and Druella Black and the older sister of Andromeda and Narcissa. She began her apprenticeship at Hogwarts in 1962 and was assigned to the Slytherin House. After graduating from high school, she fanatically and loyally joined Lord Voldemort and became a Death Eater. She is one of the few known women among the Death Eaters, but one of the most dangerous and sadistic of Voldemort's followers.


Early life

Bellatrix was born into the Black family of pure blood in 1951. She was the older sister of Andromeda and Narcissa, but Bellatrix later broke off contact with Andromeda because she married Muggleborn Ted Tonks. Bellatrix also despised her cousin Sirius Black because he was a "blood traitor", "Muggle friend" and in the Gryffindor family.

Being part of the Black family, Bellatrix had a privileged lifestyle. She attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and was assigned to House Slytherin. She eventually married Rodolphus Lestrange - a pureblood wizard, according to her family's expectations - and, along with her husband, joined Lord Voldemort. Unlike her two sisters, Bellatrix never seemed to have any affection for her husband. She never even mentioned his name in conversation. Her true love belonged to Voldemort, who taught her the dark arts and also trained her skills in dueling.

First War period

When the First War broke out, both Bellatrix and her husband Rodolphus fought on the side of Voldemort and remained loyal to him even after his fall.

Tortured after the fall of the Dark Lord on October 31, 1981 Bellatrix and a group of Death Eaters, including her husband, brother-in-law, and Barty Crouch Jr. the Aurors and members of the Order of the Phoenix Alice and Frank Longbottom. They drove their victims insane with the help of the Cruciatus Curse, a crime for which they were ultimately sentenced to life imprisonment in Azkaban. Alice and Frank Longbottom spent the rest of their lives in St Mungo's Hospital for Magical Illnesses and Injuries as a result of the torture and did not even remember their own son.

Unlike many other Death Eaters, after the fall of Voldemort, Bellatrix did not try to deny her loyalty to him. - She proudly announced that she was always loyal to the Dark Lord and had expected his return. Indeed, Bellatrix was so proud of her loyalty that she described herself as the "most faithful servant" of Voldemort, and even Lord Voldemort himself paid her a tremendous amount of respect.

Harry Potter witnessed Bellatrix's trial in 1995 through a reminder from Albus Dumbledore.

Second war period

Breakout from Azkaban

When Lord Voldemort returned in 1995, he found that the Lestranges were among the most loyal of its members.

In January 1996, Bellatrix and many other Death Eaters finally managed to escape Azkaban after the Dementors had joined the Dark Lord. As a result, Bellatrix was put on a wanted list and lived with the risk of re-imprisonment if the ministry had ever caught her.

Battle of the Department of Mysteries

Later that year, Bellatrix Lestrange took part in the Battle of the Department of Mysteries in which some Death Eaters attempted to steal the prophecy about Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort. When Harry said that Lord Voldemort was a half-breed and dared to mention his name, Bellatrix got extremely angry. She later tortured Neville Longbottom with the Cruciatus Curse in an attempt to extort the Harry Potter prophecy. She enjoyed the torture on Neville and saw it as further punishment for his parents.

Upon the arrival of the Order of the Phoenix, Bellatrix dueled her niece Nymphadora Tonks and then began a fight with her cousin Sirius Black. She hit him with the Avada Kedavra curse, which carried him through a veiled stone arch and thus killed him. She then defeated Kingsley Shacklebolt in a duel and fended off a spell from Albus Dumbledore before escaping. Harry pursued her and tried to put the Cruciatus Curse on her in order to get revenge for the death of his godfather. The curse failed to work and Bellatrix instructed Harry that he had to be "really meant" and offered to show him.

You've never used an unforgivable curse, have you, boy? "She cried. Her baby voice was gone now." You really have to mean him, Potter! You must really want to inflict pain - enjoy it - righteous anger won't hurt me for long - I'll show you how to do it, okay? I'll teach you a lesson ...
- Bellatrix Lestrange to Harry Potter

Lord Voldemort arrived at the Ministry moments after Harry attempted torture. Bellatrix pleaded with her masters not to punish her because the prophecy had broken and she had not fulfilled her mission. When Voldemort was ready to kill Harry, Dumbledore rushed to Harry's aid. He dueled with Voldemort until the arrival of Cornelius Fudge, Minister of Magic. After the Minister's arrival, Bellatrix and Voldemort fled.

Conspiracy against Albus Dumbledore

Lord Voldemort

In July 1996, Bellatrix reluctantly accompanied her sister Narcissa Malfoy to Severus Snape's house. Once there, Bellatrix interrogated Snape and repeatedly expressed her pronounced suspicion of him. Snape answered her questions sensibly and logically, which for the moment led her to be quiet. Despite her sister's distrust of him, Narcissa asked Snape to watch over her son Draco while he was at Hogwarts and tried to fulfill Voldemort's assignment to kill Albus Dumbledore. Snape shocked Bellatrix by taking the Unbreakable Oath. Bellatrix taught her nephew Draco Occlumency, a tool he used against Snape to deny him the details of his mission. Furthermore, Bellatrix told Narcissa that she shouldn't worry, but should be proud of her son's dangerous assignment. She went on to say that if she had sons of her own, she would love to sacrifice them for the Dark Lord's purposes.

1997 to 1998

The next year Bellatrix lived with her sister Narcissa Malfoy. She was the only inhabitant of the house who was delighted that Lord Voldemort was staying there too. During this time she was pregnant by him, which is said in the play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Her daughter Delphini later sets out to save her father with the help of a time turner.

When the Death Eaters attacked the Order of the Phoenix while Harry Potter was moving out of his Muggle town, Bellatrix and her husband specifically targeted Nymphadora Tonks. Rodolphus was seriously injured in the chase, but Tonks escaped. Soon after, a copy of Godric Gryffindor's sword was deposited in the Blacks family dungeon in Gringotts, with neither Voldemort nor Bellatrix knowing at the time that the sword was merely a copy. At the Battle of Hogwarts, she was killed in a duel by Molly Weasley. "Not my daughter, you bitch" quote from Molly Weasley.

Outward appearance

Bellatrix was described as a tall woman with long, thick, shiny, and black hair, narrow lips, heavy eyelids, and long eyelashes. She exuded the typical arrogant aura of a Black, but her stay in Azkaban partially robbed her of her beauty.

Notes and sources

That Bellatrix is ​​to be killed by Molly Weasley was by J.K. Rowling planned for a long time


Bellatrix's death occurred in the Great Hall at Hogwarts. Before her actual death, she uttered the following line, addressed to Molly: "What will happen to your children when I finish you off? If Mammy has fared like Freddy?" She was then killed by an unknown spell by Molly Weasley after firing the killing curse at Bellatrix but missing her.

Magic skills

Her magic skills include the Unforgivable Curses. Including Crucio, the spell that she masters most strongly, which she tortured for a long time and therefore persistently on Mr. and Mrs. Longbottom.