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Repair shoes: these 7 guides will help you save your favorite shoes

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Repair leather shoes with textile glue

You do not need any special sewing skills or knowledge to repair shoes. Instead, use textile glue to hide cracks in the shoe. In various buying guides you can read that special textile adhesives can even glue leather.

Shoes have to endure a lot over time. Not only do the various influences such as dirt and water bother them, the material also plays a role Durability of the shoes a major role.

Therefore, after a while, the sole of some models comes off or the heel breaks off. However, you don't have to buy a new pair right away. Instead, you can with very simple and inexpensive tools Repair and glue your shoes yourself.

We have many for you below various instructions for shoe repair compiled. wishes you a lot of fun browsing and repairing!

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1. Repair shoes: what materials and tools are required?

Before you start to rescue your favorite shoes, you can use the tabular overview to get an overview of materials and tools that are useful for the repair:

  • Finished heels or rubber heels
  • Leather or rubber half soles
  • Repair strips for shoe tips
  • Shoe or textile glue
  • tripod
  • Shoe hammer with a slightly curved striking surface
  • Leather scissors
  • Color wax
  • Grinding cylinder
  • Clamping stand for the drill

Note: At first glance, it looks like a lot of material and tools, some of which will probably have to be purchased first. But you save the costs spent on it by using your shoes for longer in the future and not having to constantly invest in new purchases.

2. Instructions: How to repair the heel of shoes

A special shoe hammer, like the one used by shoemakers, can be purchased from shoe retailers or hardware stores.

To repair the heel of shoes, you must first remove the old heels. In trade, you can Buy ready-made heels to match your shoes. To find the right heel for your shoe, use the outline of the broken heel as a guide.

Now sand down both adhesive surfaces and remove dirt, dust and other impurities from the area. Then you can use the Apply glue, attach the heel and let the glue dry. Tap the heel with the shoe hammer. Projections can be cut off with the leather scissors and the color wax is used to color the heels in the appropriate color.

Instead of a ready-made paragraph, you can also simply Use rubber heel. With a knife you can cut the heels to the size you need and then attach them with glue.

3. Gluing, repairing and soling shoes: 6 practical guides

Have shoes repaired or repair shoes yourself, that is the question! Based on the condition and brand of the shoes you can expect costs of around 40-100 € for the repair. Of course, this does not pay off with cheap models - in this case it is definitely worth repairing the shoes yourself if they Too good for the garbage are. You can find out how to do this in the following instructions!

If you plan to repair your shoes yourself on a regular basis, it is worth purchasing the appropriate tool.

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4. FAQ: Questions and answers about repairing shoes

4.1. Where can I get the tools and materials I need for shoe repairs?

You can get tools and materials for repairing shoes yourself in department stores, hardware stores or shoe shops. Of course, you can also order the products online.

4.2. Can I also repair climbing shoes myself?

Repairing climbing shoes yourself is not a problem. You can even find emergency repair kits online so that damage to the shoe can be repaired quickly and easily while on the move.

4.3. Have shoes repaired nearby - what costs should I expect?

Unfortunately, that cannot be said across the board and depends on the condition of the shoe and its brand. It is best to ask a repair service for an estimate before making a decision.

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